If Things Have to Change, Can I Make Them Better?

Life is falling back into familiar patterns. Even if we are one man down. I can’t wait to put the holiday behind us. I’ve been ruthless about cleaning the house which is VERY unusual for me. Mostly it was to have something to do and to remove sad reminders of Frankie (and probably a control thing too). It ended up being absolutely the right thing to do as we got back test results on a culture from Frankie and found out that after his surgery, he had a couple of different strains of infection; one of them MRSA. For the safety of everyone in the house, super-cleaning was critical and I’m so glad I was doing that well before we even took the cultures.

I had house guests over the last week which was lovely. Family from the UK. It felt easy and was a wonderful distraction. We had a big birthday celebration at my house for my stepfather and I made two pies: coconut cream (his favorite) and a sour cream apple. Another evening we brought in take-out Greek food and had a lot of fun trying out the different dishes, flavors, and talked and laughed over each other. It was very nice.

Fun can be exhausting.

Today I drove the UK contingent of family to the MAX station (our local public transport train system) for their journey to the airport and, finally, back to their home. I get to begin the process of working my way through leftovers of all the wonderful meals we had which is one of my favorite things to do after holidays/celebrations. Great eating combined with memories of the people I want to hold close. It was really foggy this morning as I dropped them off and now it is crystal clear with blue skies. It truly seems like a new year today.

I don’t generally make new year resolutions because birthdays always seem more like an annual marker for me. But after a big change, like losing one of the family, it all feels different anyway so I can’t help but feel resolute about things.

  • I want to be smarter with my money this year so I’m not always feeling like I’m in a bind. Specific goal, build up my savings so I have at least two months mortgage payment on hand.
  • I want to do better at prioritizing things I do. More time with family and things I love and less time trying to catch up on chores. Chores are necessary but they can also be stupid. I’m just going to hire someone to help with chores now and then so it isn’t this THING hanging over my head all the time. Specific goal, hire a plumber to fix a couple of leaks we have, hire an electrician to fix the outlets and lights that are offset in the bedrooms, hire a cleaning service at least once a month for a good, deep clean of the house.
  • Finish things. Finishing things just isn’t fun so I don’t do it and then it becomes another thing hanging over my head. Specific goal, paint the fourth, and final, wall of the family room, touch up the paint in the kitchen, install the backsplash in the kitchen.
  • Socialize with my friends more. Specific goal, try to do something with friends at least once a month.

Nothing earth-shattering but these have all been difficult for me and all would make my life a little better/easier. It’s great to fall back into familiar routines but it seems like a good idea to shed the routines that aren’t healthy or helpful.

All meals should have jokes and prizes.

Any plans for the year to make your life a little healthier or happier?

Like taking more naps.


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2 Responses to If Things Have to Change, Can I Make Them Better?

  1. Sue says:

    I like your SMARTer goal list. They all seem doable. I wish I were closer to you, and I would be one your “weekly” dates.

    BTW, I used to do an annual goal list, with my birthday so close after the new year’s beginning it seemed like a good thing to do. It did help when I was younger, now my only goal is to lose weight. Well, we all know how that is working out for me.

    Nonetheless, Happy New Year!

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