If They are Going to Use my Face Anyway…

You see the outraged Facebook posts about it, you try to keep up with the settings you need to maintain this week, you may even avoid some of the cool social media toys and apps, but I’ve decided it has become too big to fight. If these companies are going to scrape my pictures off my posts and from my accounts anyway, I might as well get ahead of this and make it work for me.

So I’ve decided to become the famous face of online advertising. I’ll just give them so many pictures that are awesome ad pictures that they’ll all use mine and then I’ll be the most famous face of someone no one knows. I’ll start getting invited to Hollywood events (Nathon Fillian and I will probably become best friends) and openings and my glittering lifestyle will begin.

So here you go internet ad companies. You’re welcome. Just pop your product in the picture and you’ll sell a million!


No thanks Mr. DeMille, I’ll provide my own close up.

(This article inspired today’s post, anonymous celebrity goal provided by Angelyne.)

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