How You Know You are a Grownup

The alternative title to this could be “How You Know You are Old” but it’s my blog so I get to pretend this isn’t about being decrepit.

Sometimes I look at myself and my life and I wonder what young-me would think. Most of who I am would be completely bizarre to young-me and even worse, a lot of what I do and am, never ever even occurred to me in the past. It isn’t just that it isn’t cool being a grownup, so much of this stuff isn’t even on your radar when you are young!

How do I know I’m a grownup?

Even though I still have toys around the house, I hardly ever have pretend battles or tea parties with them.

I was really excited about my new vacuum. I even spent extra money on it to get a fancy upholstery attachment.

Laundry on a Friday night sounds like fun. (In my defense, laundry is the perfect excuse to sit in front of the TV and watch movies)

I get stressed out if a friend suggests doing something on a week night because I have to work the next day. I want to get plenty of sleep.

I have no idea who most of the young actors and actresses are on TV anymore. And they all look alike so I can’t even tell them apart.

I don’t feel guilty every time I walk in a liquor store anymore.

I have to finally admit, it is just easier to clean things up as I go along rather than do it in one big job (don’t tell my Mom I admitted this).

I prefer to have my bed made everyday.

Some of the trick or treaters called me “Ma’am.”

I never eat Top Ramen anymore.

I have a proper dining table, tablecloths, and cloth napkins.

I have the fixings for cocktails such as Martinis and Manhattans rather than a fridge of beer.

I can’t even remember the last time I got drunk. Seriously, I couldn’t tell you when it was, although I’m sure I made out with some guy when I did. (note to self: get drunk.)

I can discuss local property taxes with people.

The newest pop stars look like infants to me. Wait, they might actually be infants, so this may not count.

Even my pets have insurance.

My idea of a good time is not going out to see a band until 3am anymore. That actually sounds kind of awful now.

Concerts are too loud.

When I plan a party now, it’s all about the food and atmosphere rather than just making a big ice chest of Jungle Juice.

No more ketchup sandwiches.

Have you had any landmark moments when you realized you were a grownup? Anything about you or your current life that would impress or disgust young-you?

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3 Responses to How You Know You are a Grownup

  1. Amy says:

    Oh crap. I haven’t eaten Top Ramen since … Oh dear.

  2. Sue says:

    I thought sticking your arm in a public toilet was a pretty “grown up” move!?!

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      Yes. That is the epitome of “nutting up” which is a very grown up thing to do. I wouldn’t share that with kidlets as something they “get” to do when they grow up though.

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