How Animals are Better than People

Messes are to be celebrated and life is good when you are laying/sleeping on the clothes of a loved one. They not only want to be around us, they want to be around the things that smell like us.

I actually caught him here in mid roll. He had the bed to himself, the good blanket, and my PJs. It was a party!

They do things to make you laugh. I know some people don’t believe animals have that kind of cognitive reasoning but if you’ve lived with animals for a while, you know that isn’t true. They do have a sense of humor and some of them (like some of us) do things on purpose to get a reaction. How does this make them better than people? They never do anything at your expense. Their punchline is always, “look how silly I am!” and I think that’s really sweet.

Interacting with us is the greatest thing in the world to them. Well, maybe next to cookies. But I’m kind of like that too. The level of happy they have when they get a chance to interact with us is truly touching. We may feel like this about each other, but we don’t really demonstrate it like our animals do. They are unabashed.

A box is all they need for a good time.

They are never afraid to ask for love.

The rules…don’t apply.

They will pretty much tackle any barrier just to hang out with you.

Even though we don’t speak the same language, they give you such focus when you are talking.

I know we talk about rescuing them, but really, when I look around at these goofy furkids, I know who rescued who.

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2 Responses to How Animals are Better than People

  1. Sue says:

    Looks like your own cuteoverload dot com!

  2. kharmadia says:

    So necessary to a happy life!

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