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Nine years ago I bought a 70s ranch style home with the idea of fixing it up. At the time I referred to it as “the slowest flip on the planet.” So far that description has held true. Mainly because I haven’t done anything. In my defense, I’m really lazy.

So I made, what seemed like, the most sensible decision at the time: make your home renovation projects public! I figure this will either hold me accountable and help me systematically organize the work or be the best documented procrastination project out there. Either way, we are sure to have fun? Right?

So join me in turning my little 70s style ranch home in the Pacific Northwest into an updated, green, cozy space by winning the lottery with a lot of learning and hard work.

I’ve written a bit more about my space that I’m working to transform. Or tear down; depending on how the projects go.

I’ve also captured what my goal is with Love This Space. Check it out if you are curious why I am even here doing what I’m doing.

5 Responses to About Me

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi, I was just reading about your kitchen remodel and feel so much better! We just ordered those same cabinets and the nougat countertop from ikea yesterday. I was worrying because most of the pictures I as seeing had darker countertops but your kitchen looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get ours started! Thank you for posting pictures. Tiffany

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      It looks even better in person. I thought I wanted something else and agonized over the cabinets and counter choice but it looks really good!

  2. judyhuck says:

    I notice that you used one of my images on your website – the image of the building in Mexico on your home page. Glad you liked the image enough to use it but would appreciate you asking to use the photo as this is an infringement of copyright. All images on my website are not to be copied by others.

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      Hi Judy, I’m so sorry one of your images was used without permission or a link back. I’m super super careful about that. I’m not sure which image you are referring to though. Could I get the specific image from you and I’ll rectify immediately? Was it one of the ads?
      Thank you!

  3. Amy says:

    Dear Love This Space,
    Martha Stewart Living’s issue this month has a delightful selection about painting floors. You can even use stencils! I’m wondering though, in your experience of practically doing awesome crafts, what really happens when this is done.

    I can tell you that in the 90’s, I helped a friend paint a concrete floor. It was awesome … until the paint started to peel near the door. Can anyone do this task better?

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