Holiday Hijinks

Why I love trick or treaters…

Kid: (while the door is still closed) “TRICK OR TREAT!”

Parent: “Ring the bell first honey.”


Kid: (as I open the door and before anyone says trick or treat) “I can’t have ANYTHING with peanuts in it! I’m allergic!”


Kid: “Trick or Treat!”

Me: “Happy Halloween!”

Kid: “Can I use your bathroom?”


Kid: “Trick or Treat!” (sees I have an Almond Joy in my hand to give out)

Kid: “Don’t give me that! I don’t like coconut!”


My favorite are the little kids that charge in your house as soon as you open the door and their parents have to lunge at them. That will never get old!

I’m curious if anyone would be interested in a knit-a-long. I’m thinking something easy, like a hat. The idea would be specifically for people who want to learn how to knit or for someone that has some knitting basics down and want to learn a hat. We only have about 20 people who come to this site so we could totally have a one-on-one experience. I could do a series of videos showing you what to do and if anyone has a question I can respond with video and examples which will make it easier to get over hurdles.

It will be like a very small video class.

We have plenty of time before Christmas to get it done for either a gift or to wear proudly yourself. Let me know if this sounds interesting and I’ll pick out a pattern and put together some easy (and very inexpensive) instructions for getting started.



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