I scored some beautiful pieces at a little place here in Portland called Albertina’s. It is a non-profit organization where you get the nummiest lunch and, now I know, they have the best thrift store ever! I nabbed these as soon as I walked in the shop and paid $35 for both of these. They had beautiful pieces that, normally, you would pay a lot for and I love the idea of getting these second-hand. It feels like I inherited them or something.

There was the most gorgeous set of celadon green dishes. I’m kind of sorry I walked away from those and they had a fabulous set of silver in a beautiful art deco style. I loved those and may go back for them yet. I have a set of silver but I didn’t get to pick them out so even though I love having nice place settings, they never feel quite like my style.

If you are ever in the Portland, OR area, this is worth a stop. How often do you find beautiful heirlooms at great prices, delicious food, and it all goes to charity. I know I’m going back. I’ve always wanted a tiered cookie server. Because I love cookies.


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