Happy New Year

Well, the holidays have come and gone. In general, they were lovely with a few bumps. I had a very good friend die suddenly right before Christmas which was devastating, but I seem to be in full denial mode which works for now. My great-uncle also died but he was of advanced age and had his family around him so it was a peaceful departure. We drove into Eastern Oregon for the service and had a bit of weather to contend with on the roads. We did get a chance to go by family landmarks such as my great grandfather’s church where he was a minister for 40 years. Most of us were baptized or married there so it was really fun to see it again.

I didn’t post anything in December on purpose. I was working really hard to stay in the moment and interact with my family and friends. I was taking pictures as I came across little vignettes that made me smile and made me feel holiday-happy.

At one point I noticed that my brother had tucked some new water bottles in my purse. He works for this company and always makes sure to hook me up. But this was sweet because he didn’t say anything about it, just made sure I had them.

As I looked over the pictures later I notice that they all seem to have messy in common.

Area well used and well loved!

But that was what I loved. That warm, snuggly, feeling as we cuddled with a dog, or snuck a cookie.

Looks like Joe isn’t getting home with all of his cookies!

We not only had people visiting but we had dogs visiting too! This scamp slept in my room and thought that the best place to sleep one night was on a twin bed with me on my legs. And why not? They are warm and soft!

I am glad it is all over and we are getting back to our normal routine.

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