Hangin’ Around

Have you ever learned something and that one, simple thing solves a bunch of problems for you?

I dragged a bunch of pictures out of the back of my closet and took them in to be framed. They’ve been lingering for a long time and I’ve put it off because getting things framed can be SO expensive! I finally just sucked it up and did it and I love them.

I had an idea that I’ve been ruminating on for a while. I love art nouveau art work, especially Alphonse Mucha who did graphic design at the turn of the century. This particular picture isn’t actually by him but the size and color palette were right and I liked it so this is the one I got. I wanted something that just about covers the whole space on the wall.

I’m not sure if it was exactly what I was going for but let’s face it, I don’t think these things through very carefully anyway. I was going for a big statement piece and that’s what it is. I framed it very simply and it just seems perfect. Nothing is competing with the busy artwork.

I do like it though. She’s pretty and it is the first thing you see when you walk in. That’s kind of fun.

When I got this framed, the lady at the frame store told me about French cleats for hanging stuff. Everyone else has probably all known about these forever. I did not know about them and I was so excited because they actually solved about three problems I had hanging stuff.

It’s two metal plates. You hang the first one on the wall. There is a wee level that you slide in a holder on the plate to make sure you hang the first plate levelly. It makes things super easy. The top of the plate is bent a little forwards.

Then you attach the second plate to the thing you are hanging. It has a fold that slips over the top of the plate on the wall.

Not only is it super easy to get things level (something I struggle with) but they hold a lot of weight. So now I could hang this:

That wooden fretwork is heavy and didn’t have anything on the back for hanging so the French cleat was perfect. It’s up there good and solid and I’m thrilled to get it up off the floor for the first time in months. Ignore the pictures flanking it. I just needed to get them up but they’ll reside somewhere else eventually.

Another thing that has been languishing until I solved the hanging-heavy-stuff problem were the “medicine cabinets” my bathrooms needed. Have I mentioned the bathrooms in this house kind of suck? Well, they do. No medicine cabinets meant a box in the linen closet which migrated to my bedroom and all over my bathroom counter. So I bought a couple and when I went to hang them, the anchor actually popped right into the wall and disappeared. This house was built when they were throwing houses up and it lacks studs in some walls. That wall is an interior one between the bathroom and living room and there are not a lot of studs in it. I even bought a fancy new stud finder to replace my old one and confirmed that there was not a stud anywhere in that space above the toilet. Yay!

The medicine cabinet is heavy so I was afraid to hang it with just wall anchors in the drywall. The French cleats seem to spread the weight across the cabinet so I picked up a couple that would hang 100 lbs. each (which the cabinet doesn’t even come close to). It worked and now the bits of medicine cabinet flotsam floating all over the house are corralled and easy to find.

It’s a small thing that makes me super happy. Yay counterspace! Yay ugly box gone!

Joey the foster dog is going to stay here. He’s bounced 3 times which means he’s gone to 3 homes and been returned. It’s crazy. He’s sweet as can be and beautifully behaved. I feel like everyone else got three tries and now I get to keep him. He’s a doll and has fit in so beautifully with my pack. I did my official adoption tradition of getting him a new collar with his tag that has my address. When I brought it home and put it on him, I explained what that meant. Well he’s a dog so I don’t actually believe he understands me but he grinned the rest of the afternoon. Seriously. He sat there like this with the biggest smile. I’ve never seen him do that before or even since.

Congratulations Joey and congratulations us! Also, Coco looks like she could use lessons on how to sleep on a dog bed.


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2 Responses to Hangin’ Around

  1. Sue K says:

    Congratulation on your fur-ever home Joey! So happy to hear this. And, your new pictures are totally cool 🙂

  2. Scaloot says:

    I feel so ‘duh!’ about the french cleats, been trying to make them from wood for stuff in a few workrooms – where did you find metal, must go find! Love the art work! So glad Joey has a foster fail, he looks so happy. As to Coco and bed, the house is her bed, didn’t you get that memo????

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