Hang On, It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride

I’ve been whinging on about the office makeover. In fact, considering the pace I’ve set, I can hardly call it a makeover. It’s more like a “wish for.” I wish my office would just spiff up when I’m sleeping.

Then I lost my marbles and volunteered to host Easter. My office is one of my guest rooms so I need it for one of the guests AND my dining room table is completely covered in several layers of detritus from the office. After all that work getting the crap out of the room, I may have just put myself in a position to have to lug it all back temporarily. This is where being a lazy person becomes a conundrum.

As a lazy person, I hate doing work when I don’t have to. Sometimes that translates into action that makes me look like the opposite of a lazy person, but I assure you it all comes from not wanting to do ANY extra work. The office was ridiculously full. It was the black hole of the house. It is where anything I had to “deal” with went in an effort not to deal with it. Stuff accumulates fast when you do that. I’ve been getting rid of stuff as I emptied the room and it is still a ton of crap. Not only is the dining room incapacitated by office crap, the living room is pretty unusable too.

Then someone made the mistake of hearing what I wanted to do in the timeframe it would need to be done and they said the worst thing anyone can say to me…

“You can’t do it.”

Which means I must now attempt the impossible.

This is so stupid on so many levels. Not only is it overly aggressive in of itself, but I am working under some unbelievably tight deadlines at work so I’m into work early and staying late and have absolutely no time during the day to do anything other than work and wolf down some food while working.

That did not stop me from writing out a schedule and thinking, “I think I can actually do this” because I tend to operate in denial. I know I’m in denial but it doesn’t keep me from genuinely believing it is possible. I amaze even myself sometimes.

What is wrong with you?

The project plan for this folly?

Monday: clean out closet

Tuesday: remove desk

Wednesday: demo closet

Thursday: remove shelves, repair shelves

Friday: paint shelves

Weekend: remove carpet, replace sub-floor, paint room

Monday: finish painting room, paint window trim

Tuesday: finish painting trim, paint closet door

Wednesday: finish painting closet door

Thursday: replace closet trim

Friday: cut baseboard trim

Weekend: lay new floor, replace base board

Monday: paint desk

Tuesday: paint desk, paint trim

Wednesday: finish painting desk, replace shelves, hang new closet bar

Thursday: hang new blinds

Friday: replace stuff

Saturday: clean house

What is not reflected in here and what I seem to be pretending won’t impact this schedule is the fact that I’m out-of-town the Tuesday and Wednesday of the second week.

Do you see that task for Monday though? Done. Like a boss. And that closet was still really full of stuff so it was one of the harder tasks.  I’m pretty certain anything I manage to get done is due to my supervisor. She’ll keep me on track and I’ll have a brand new office for Easter.

The boss. Under her supervision, all of this WILL get done!

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