Handmade Failure

If you are going to make things, you are going to fail at it now and then. For some of us, more often than not.

Most everything I share here is a failure or at least had phases of failure before I recovered. I’m OK with sharing them because I think most of us fail at this stuff most of the time. At least until we finally get it right. Or get it less wrong.

The rock stars, the people that don’t fail that much publicly, are either not sharing all their failures or they have vastly more experience, time, or resources to help fend off failure. That’s fine. I fully support filtering that information out. It’s often more helpful to have the blueprint on how to do something rather than how things got screwed up.

I tend to think my role is the latter. My “talent” is that I’m unafraid of failure. I embrace my failures because they tend to be how I find my way. I prefer trying something I’m not comfortable with or have little experience in. That is what is fun for me but because of that, I generally have a learning curve and if I can show that messing up isn’t too bad and that the result is often worth it, I’m comfortable in that role.

A lot of people are genuinely afraid to try something because they are afraid they will fail. I’m here to show them that they probably will, and it’s OK. Not a lot of bad things happen when you fail and most of the time, you end up with something you do want.

Except that wouldn’t be these glasses. No one wants those.


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One Response to Handmade Failure

  1. Marinka says:

    I don’t know, I kind of do want those glasses

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