Halloween Decorations for 48 Hours

I just had so much going on this year, what with all the conferences and going to jail and all, that I didn’t get around to decorating for Halloween until Halloween day. Which means my beloved decorations go up and down faster than something fast on something faster (fill in the blanks).

I had a little Halloween lunch for the family. As Chief Quality Officer, Scarlet was all over (literally) the table to make sure things were up to snuff. Apparently, in her opinion, the napkins are better in my bathroom (I have retrieved three of the four so far from my bathroom. Don’t worry, this was after we ate lunch.), at least half of the individual salt and pepper shakers should be knocked over, and the leaves of the bouquet should be well chewed.

Not to mention what I consider straight for runners and placemats and what she considers straight.

I’m disappointed I have to take the decorations down so soon. Some of them I’d love to leave up year-round. I love the little, tin, haunted house and it is hard to see, but there is a crow in the second from the left, top cubby. He’s peeking out just like a crow would if he was hanging out with me in the family room. It’s made me jump a few times.

The bookshelves are new this year and have proved to be a great addition. They aren’t quite what I wanted or what I would want on a permanent basis but they are really good for an interim solution until I have the money to hire a carpenter to build permanent “built-ins.” The cubbies aren’t all filled yet. I’m taking my time and thoughtfully putting in books and accessories I want there as I come across them in other places of the house. It could be really easy to make them junky so I’m being careful. Those bright corners are lamps. They aren’t really that bright in person, they just look that way in the picture. Those are probably the best improvement because this is a really dark room. Even in the summer, the porch roof outside the sliding glass door in this room cuts out all light. This means I need to artificially light the room year-round. These lamps in these corners help a LOT in making the room brighter (that’s not the smartest thing I’ve ever said).

The dogs and I have very different ideas of how their blankets should be on their beds. I straighten them out and three seconds later they’ve done this. Also that rug moves around the room a lot. It is really annoying and I’m looking for a more permanent replacement. Something that can endure the mud and dirt we get in here most of the year.

I turned off the lights so you can see the lamps (sort of) in the corners and get an idea of what the room looks like, in full sunlight, without them on. Ugh. This is with a lamp on across the room and the kitchen light on so it just how dark that half of the room gets.

The lamps are modern-looking leucite lamps which is really a change for me. I love them.

Because I hate traveling around a room to turn off and on lamps (especially when I have to step overĀ dog beds and toys) I found this simple remote system. By plugging the lamps into a receiver, I can turn them both on and off with this remote. It is one of those little things things that makes everyone happy when they get to turn the lamps on and off.

Never underestimate how fun people will find it to have the “power” to turn on a light from across the room.

It’s an inexpensive option for remote lighting. I saw a kit the other day where you put special lightbulbs in the lamp and then you can control them with your phone. That was tempting (because I do love the gadgets) but if you have to buy special bulbs every time they burn out, that could get expensive (and annoying because I’m all about the Costco multi-paks for convenience). I’d rather just tuck these remotes around the house.

So Halloween has come and gone and I have to put away the skeletons that were in the yard, I’m trying to look forward to the next holiday now. Considering how long it is taking me to get things decorated for a holiday, I’m thinking I should start decorating for Christmas today.

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