Glass Jewelry

I made these little pendants just before the holidays in a glass fusing class. It was a lot of fun and I couldn’t wait to wear one. I thought I could just pick up the chain loop part at Joanne’s and be done with it but after about 45 minutes of staring at wee packets and practically getting on my knees to read all the wee packets they put near the floor (seriously Joanne’s?), I was unable to find what I needed. I’m sure it is there but after 45 minutes I was grumpy and out of there.

Fortunately I have a few friends who are serious jewelry makers and they pointed me in the direction of Fire Mountain Gems who had just what I wanted and I could get a packet of five for between $7 to $10.


That loop the chain hangs from is the top of a flat plate that is glued to the back of the pendent.

The things you glue to the pendents so it can be put on a chain are called bail plates or even just bails. It is a lot easier to find them once you find out the correct name. They come in all kinds of sizes but I got fairly large ones because these glass pendents are kind of heavy.

I just super-glued them on and let them sit all night to dry. I really like how they turned out. If only the temperature would go up a few degrees I’d be able to wear them. It’s still scarf weather though.

My favorite.

These were so easy to make and yet I’m ridiculously pleased with them.

I know that looks like a mannequin but it’s me. Dear god I’m undead.


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