Getting Over the Hump

It’s just been one of those times where you kind of get kicked in the shins a lot and you keep going, but I feel like all my creative juices have just been sucked out of me.

I’m finishing up a big project and I’m so happy it’s over. It hasn’t been a great project and someone has been working against me which is discouraging.

I’m facing some time where I have to work from home so the home office project has to step up. OK, that’s fine, but I admit I like dragging things out a little. I enjoy the planning and the doing of the project and I’m always a little disappointed when it is done.

So next steps are:

  • to paint the room a lighter gray
  • install flooring
  • closet doors
  • bookcases and shelves
  • desk

That will give me what I need to make the space productive. Due to the time constraint, I think I’ll go ahead and hire out the floor. Just to get it done quickly.

Here’s to getting back to things as simple and rewarding as getting some paint on the wall!

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