Gearing Up for Thanksgiving

This is a really weird post because there is no significant reveal or even full project because the main project is all the work that will happen this weekend. I’m working really hard to get 50 gajillion things in place to make the weekend nicer so the best I’m going to be able to share for a while are nuggets.

Nugget #1 – This is actually a finished project but it isn’t one anyone but me cares about. I’m sharing anyway because it pleased me so much to have it done. So there.

I had to do the annual cleaning of the refrigerator in preparation for all the foods stuff that will be going on. I mean, I do actually clean the fridge more than once a year but this was one of the detail jobs. I threw away a TON of stuff (just had to admit that even though it was technically still good, I was not interested in eating it) and I took apart every shelf and drawer and got in all the nooks and crannies. Even nooks and crannies you don’t see. Now, every time I open the fridge, those sparkly shelves make me so happy. Seriously, they sparkle.

AND all the Thanksgiving weekend food has been procured. I’m locked and loaded people!

Nugget #2 – I don’t have the time to get the entire family room painted before the holidays but I really wanted to get one wall done because I wanted to get the curtain hung back up. Both for privacy and because the sliding glass door makes the room really cold at night. I just couldn’t bring myself to hang the curtain back up on the half-painted wall.

So I grabbed free time here and there and got the trim painted and just put the last coat on the wall tonight. The trim around the door took three coats. I’m using a paint/primer combination but the dark stain just bleeds through until you get to that third coat so that felt like it took forever. There is no way to get a good picture of this. This room will never have enough natural light to photograph well. You can, however, see the glorious white trim which looks about a million times better than the brown trim. That’s a statistical fact. I keep running my hand along it. I think I might actually need to be left alone with my new white trim.

I had to do a major window washing to take this picture. The dogs seemed surprised after it was clean. I think they were starting to believe it was a wall, not a window.

Nugget #3 – Oscar helped paint the trim by pushing through the door and against the wet trim on his way out. I gotta be honest, it wasn’t actually a lot of help.

Oscar has no white in his fur so anything you see, is his “unpainting” of the trim

Another helper, Frankie. I set laundry down on my made bed and he sees it as an opportunity to make himself comfortable.

And then he waves his paw around trying to get me to come cuddle with him

Nugget #4 – I said I would share a picture of the map table when there was some good natural light. We’ve had a lot of sunshine lately so I was able to grab a shot. I’m liking it more and more as I live with it. It’s just, unexpected. Yes, that is a bowl of rocks. I have a thing about rocks. I love them and have bowls of them all over the place. I can never pass up one of those tourist kiosks where for a few bucks you get to fill up a little bag with polished rocks. I’d probably let someone pay me in pretty, shiny rocks so it’s a good thing no one knows that.




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6 Responses to Gearing Up for Thanksgiving

  1. Isn’t it so nice to open your fridge and it’s all nice and clean? It doesn’t happen to often here, but when it does – it’s glorious!

  2. Sue says:

    Love the map table, and super neat fridge. Love it!

  3. Rita says:

    We got our living room painted one wall at a time. It was the only way I could manage it. And that map table is awesome. I really like it!

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      I think I’ll be sticking to one wall at a time. I don’t really have the luxury of giving up a whole evening or even a whole weekend to it. There’s laundry to be done, tumble fur to be corralled, groceries to be got, etc. I’m pretty happy with my one wall anyway. Maybe this just means I get to enjoy it longer.

  4. Jana says:

    I’m also a fan of the map table — and the rocks. Polished rocks just feel nice to hold and play with. Hmmm…that sounded slightly weird and a bit sexual, but I think you know what I really mean.

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