Garage Gardening Zone – The Reveal

I finished up the last bits of the garage’s gardening zone this weekend. Shall we review how it looked before? Some gardening implements leaning about, shockingly cobwebby bins and tins, things that had been tossed there with no place else to go. Because it is so disorganized, I think I only have four things over there that I need but they are all impossible to get to and use.

Several days, many buckets of sweat, a slap of paint, and some organizational systems later…

Honestly, there is a lot more stored here than was here before. Getting things off the floor looks rather remarkable. The terrible messy bit you see off to the right is the area I can’t access because the kitchen cabinets are up against them. None of that is going to creep over though. As messy as it clearly is, it is actually pretty well organized and consists of holiday decorations and Costco paper products.

Let’s check out some details:

The hooks did most of the heavy lifting. Most of them hold multiple implements.

Even with two tools per hook, they are very easy to access.

The hooks hang on a track that I was dreading putting up and ended up being really easy to install. You drill holes through the track itself but that ended up making it flexible for placement. I didn’t need a special drill bit as it was a regular plastic. This is the Gladiator system.

I didn’t do a lot of shelving and I think I could have used more but this will do. No pretty staging here on Love This Space. This is how it will actually look as it is in use. A bit messy, overflowing, but easy to use and maintain.

The little hanging bins have smaller items that I really need to access quickly (the clippers) and often. I’m going to love being able to get at these anytime I need. I rarely have time to do a proper pruning in one go. I tend to grab the clippers and do a plant or two right before I head out somewhere.

Not only does it provide easy access but it is easy to toss them back in their spot. The wire bins allow for the dirt to fall through to the floor which is much easier to clean up than trying to sweep out a bin.

Every space I could hang something was put to work. I did get these general hooks that I thought would be so handy because they were “neutral” but they ended up being the least helpful implements I acquired. They don’t hold these tools well at all. Poorly enough in fact that I’ll probably replace them because the clippers are hanging pretty precariously.

The gardening zone is ready for action. We might need to come up with some gardening projects to properly test it out.

But first I have to finish up the workbench which is looking much better.

I have so many fun peg board organizing toys I don’t know where to start!

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