Friday Look Back

The surprise kitchen renovation has impacted all other areas of the house. My living room, for example, has my refrigerator and a table set up for the toaster and coffee maker. It also has a lot of boxes full of the things that used to be in the kitchen. The living room was going to be redone this summer anyway because I had a shelving failure but now that everything is topsy turvey, I find myself looking longingly at pictures of my cute, little place before it was about to get glamorous (It’s getting glamorous, right? This isn’t all for nothing?)

My shelves in particular were something I enjoyed. I had wanted kind of a retro look that wasn’t your typical bookshelf arrangement. I picked up some boards, stained them and found some black brackets. I was very particular about staggering them. Not only would it accommodate taller objects on the ends but it would make the shelving a better scale for wall. I wanted a wall of books without being a WALL of books if that makes sense.

I had a professional install them because I knew I would load them down with weight so I wanted to make sure they could hold everything I put on them. Turns out that didn’t matter because one of the shelves pulled off the wall anyway and took the two shelves below with it leaving some big holes in the wall. I don’t know why everything wasn’t anchored in the studs. That was what I would have done and what I suggested to the person installing it but this is what can happen when you don’t do it yourself.

This picture also reflects my carpet before several aging dogs lived here. Now it desperately needs to be replaced which was part of the driver for just turning over a new leaf on the room entirely. I hope this fall, when the kitchen is back in place, I’ll be able to have my living room back and all my books back where I can get to them again.

I’ll tell you what though. That room has always had beautiful morning light. I’m taking advantage of it this time around. I did love my cute little living room though and miss it. I shall continue to gaze at the old living room this weekend to help me get through the reno process for the kitchen.



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