For the Spackling Challenged

One of my goals for cleaning up the garage was to slap a coat of paint on the walls. Not so much for appearance (although it looks MUCH better all white than the drywall) but to help clean it up. The walls are really rough and the drywall is full of a LOT of holes and gouges and writing, etc. Over the years the spiders and cobwebs have taken advantage of the less-than-smooth surface and things look crummy fast. Slapping up a coat of paint cleans up a lot of the surface and looks better and brighter (it brings a lot more light into dark corners). I selected a glossy, white indoor/outdoor paint. I’m not cutting in at the edges or around shelving; just getting general coverage. If I really wanted a pro appearance, I’d have to replace the drywall.

When I was making a hardware store run for spackle, I saw this and thought it would be fun to try. Now I’m actually a spackling genius. Seriously. I ROCK the spackle skills. But there are SO many nail holes and dents and gouges that a short cut was gonna help!

It cost over $13 at Home Depot and the envelope contains three “pages.” One page is a circle that acts as support for a larger hole. Another page is a single, large, square patch and the third page has a bunch of smaller, different shaped patches.

The patches look like little paint splotches. I used the little ones to cover the nail holes and the smaller gouges. The stick on just like stickers. This could be a great way to put your little kids to work. They are pretty flexible so if you push against them, you feel the nail hole beneath them. These are strictly for appearance.

This is what the splotches look like painted. You can still see them pretty easily. I think they would disappear a lot more if I put a second coat of paint up.

If you step back from the wall and don’t look for them, you can hardly see them. I ran out of the stickers before I got all the nail holes covered. We just went ahead and painted the wall anyway. I’m thinking I could go back with the stickers after the fact to cover them up. I don’t think they would be a lot more visible than the ones that have been painted over.

This is the large patch up close. This has been painted over so you can clearly see it even after painting.

When you step back from the wall, at certain angles, it does actually drop back a little but this is clearly not something you try on a wall with high visibility. Also, one big caveat, these don’t fix or fill the hole so if you can’t see it and go to make a hole right next to it, you will have a mess on your hands because it is only a sticker over the surface.

Overall it was an interesting experiment. I probably wouldn’t buy this again because for the price, I can get spackle that will cover all the holes and wouldn’t show. However, for a wall in the back of a closet or a garage wall this isn’t a bad quickie fix. Especially if the hole is at an awkward place that is kind of hard to access. You can see it looks MUCH better than the holes that didn’t get patched at all.

Maybe I’ll write up a spackling 101 guide in the next few weeks. Holler if this is something you would find helpful. It might be a good excuse to do our first video! Oooo!


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  1. Brandi says:

    I hate prep work. I just want to get in there and start decorating. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your kinds words about my son’s room. We hired out to have the plank wall installed. The flooring clicked in place then they were attached to the wall using a nail gun. Hope that helps. P.S. Your email shows as “no-reply” blogger.Therefore I am unable to email a response to your comment! I would love to be able to thank you for stopping by! To change this, go to your blogger dashboard, click “edit user profile”, then check “show my email address” and save! Hope you found this helpful.

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