First Epic Weekend of the Great Office Makeover

Halfway into the first epic weekend and so far so good.

The carpet and pad is out:

The carpet tack strips and the base trim is out:

Things are cleaned up and waiting for the painting of the walls to commence:

A bit of a change with the shelves, I had originally planned on fixing these (one of these was the bookcase that originally started falling apart and started this whole makeover) and painting them white but as I moved them into the garage, I found they are so flimsy and loose that they are not long for this world. No matter what I do to patch them back together, I don’t think they are going to be worth the time and money to repurpose them.

They were cheap Ikea shelves. I don’t mean they were cheap because they are Ikea, I mean they were cheap even by Ikea standards. They were on super-clearance and cost $25 each so you can see why putting any money into them, if they aren’t going to hold up, it just isn’t worth it.

So quick plan adjustment and try to keep the momentum.

Monday: clean out closet

Tuesday: remove desk

Wednesday: demo closet

Thursday: repair holes in closet

Friday: replace shelves, paint closet door, remove shelves

Weekend: remove carpet, replace sub-floor, paint room

Monday: finish painting room, paint window trim

Tuesday: finish painting trim,

Wednesday: paint shelves, finish painting closet door

Thursday: replace closet trim

Friday: cut baseboard trim

Weekend: lay new floor, replace base board

Monday: paint desk

Tuesday: paint desk, paint trim

Wednesday: finish painting desk, replace shelves, hang new closet bar

Thursday: hang new blinds

Friday: replace stuff

Saturday: clean house


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2 Responses to First Epic Weekend of the Great Office Makeover

  1. Sue says:

    Lordy! I paid bills, had breakfast with Mom, and colored my hair! And was embarrassed by my lack of energy compared to others who will remain nameless!

  2. Kathy says:

    Awesome! Good Job! I always find there’s excitement at the beginning and at the end, but somewhere in the middle I really have to push myself. I LOVE your idea to break it out into days. Hang in there!

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