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I watch a lot of TV and movies. I would love to be one of those people who get to say, “I hardly ever watch TV” but the truth is, I like the boob-tube and I have programs I watch. There ya go. I’m klassy.

One thing I do enjoy when watching TV is all the gorgeous set design. I often get distracted from the story by mundane details in the background. I found this weekend and lost several hour looking at the beautiful sets. What a great site when looking for inspiration!

For example, the green walls with white trim in Stephen Fry’s show, Kingdom. I think part of the enchantment in the look is the beautiful, soft lighting they are using but something about that soft green and all that crisp, white trim just works for me. My current living room color is not far from this and it does reflect the morning light softly just like this. If only I had the size of space that allowed for all the chunky white trim. I love that.


I always loved the eggplant bathroom in Friends and every time they had in scene in there I was paying more attention to the gorgeous color, gold accents, and white wainscoting. I’ve always loved this and vowed that someday I’d have my eggplant room.


The beach house in Something’s Got to Give was supposed to be special even in the movie. This space is lust-worthy! The light! The windows! The elegant casualness! I can watch those scenes over and over just to drink in a new room detail. Look at that transom over the entryway into the room! Actually, I can’t tell if it is a transom or just some spindle detail. I’d rather have a window as spindles would become another thing to forget dusting.

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Meg Ryan’s character in You’ve Got Mail had the cutest apartment. I loved that it looked lived in, but gorgeous and it is the kind of space that makes people instantly comfortable. The set designers did such a good job of creating a space that looks like an actual living space.

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I pinged some friends to see what fictional spaces inspired them. Interestingly, there was a theme amongst them: mid-century modern.

The saturated colors from the Down with Love set are commanding. The clean, simple lines of the mid-century furniture always look appealing and sophisticated. You just wouldn’t feel right in this space unless you were in some kind of suit or Capri pants.


The Mad Men spaces really have won over a lot of people if they weren’t already enchanted with mid-century modern. The thing I like about this space is you actually wouldn’t have to do a lot to make it current (If you wanted to make it less retro; some would be appalled at that.). If you really look at it, not only is it beautiful, but it really looks very livable. Comfortable, easy to access, not fussy; you can sit down to watch TV as well as have a bunch of friends over for some board games at a moment’s notice.

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I find something appealing in all of these fictional spaces. What do you find inspirational?

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