Fancy Folded Napkins

Prepare to dazzle your guests. Or at the very least prepare to dazzle the other people at the table when you show them your fancy napkin folding.

This folding method is pretty with any napkin so please don’t feel like you have to have a double-sided napkin for it. I thought it would make a very festive table to have the fabric contrast. Think how fun this could be for the winter holidays (with a candy cane or sprig of holly tucked in the pocket?)!


  • Your napkins
  • Your fingers

Step 1: Fold your napkin into quarters. The fabric side that is facing out will be the dominant fabric. In this example, the red fabric will show more.

Step 2: Turn the napkin so the corner with all the edges is pointing up.

There are four corners at the top. You will be folding the first three of them.

Step 3: Fold the first layer of corner back, tucking it down between the top and the second corner.

Step 4: Do the same thing with the second corner. Tuck it back and down between the second layer and the third corner. Don’t tuck it down as far as the first one so you have a little of the fold showing. You can make this as narrow or wide as you want.

Step 5: Do the same thing with the third corner. Tuck it back and down between the second layer and the last layer. Don’t tuck this one down as much as the second one so you have a little of the fold showing again.

Step 6: Turn the whole napkin once counter-clockwise and flip it over so all the tucks you just did are facing down.

Step 7: You are going to fold this into thirds now. Fold up the bottom third.

Step 8: Fold over the top third and tuck the right bottom corner into the little pocket created by your corner tucks you did on the front of the napkin.

The napkin fold will be held by that little pocket.

Step 9: Turn it over. The diagonal folds you have (created by those original corner tucks we did at the beginning) can hold silverware, chopsticks, name tags, or nothing at all.

Variations: You don’t have to fold it in thirds if you don’t want. If your napkin isn’t quite big enough or you want something slightly different, you can just fold it in half.

Each side of the folded napkin will give you very different looks with different dominant fabrics (for the double-sided napkin).

The folded in half version can still have silverware tucked into the folds.

For more clarification (and more bitey kitty) I made a video of the folding process if you need just a little more clarification:

Scarlet was sitting directly in front of me while I filmed, chewing on a plant. She KNOWS that she isn’t supposed to do that. I don’t know how she figured out that I couldn’t stop what I was doing to make her get down but she is one smart kitty.


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