Easiest Mantle Decoration Ever

I have nearly finished the holiday decorations and I’ve managed to slip them in between shenanigans with family so they haven’t been a big chore or task.

The family room is where we spend all our time so the fireplace mantle should look awesome but still be practical. For example, I’m not a big fan of big swags of greens because I get nervous about the dried greens hanging above the fire in the fireplace.

I made a run to Big Lots to see what I could pick up cheap. I’ve scored a lot of great holiday decorations there over the years. This year seemed a little lean but they had a lot of beautiful balls (pause to giggle like a 12-year-old boy) ornaments.

I grabbed a box of some that struck my fancy along with a simple beaded garland. I pinned the garland up and just hung the balls along it. The picture doesn’t do it justice (phones flatten and skew the perspective). It is quite sparkly (the ornaments have a lot of sparkly detail) and very warm in the soft light of the fireplace. I’m really pleased with this one and will probably make this an annual decorating tradition.

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