DIY – My Way

Finished touching up the base trim. I felt very satisfied with my work until I went back later and looked it over. It looks like an over-caffeinated squirrel painted my base trim. I’m sure I did a good job so that little sucker must have come back after me and ruined it.

Bought more supplies for the stupid red box I have been trying to paint. I’ve spent nearly $40 on supplies for a box that was free and that has no intended purpose. This whole thing has the stink of futility about it. I feel like I learn an awful lot about crafting and yet never seem to be able to put those lessons to good use.

Although I seem to have finally gotten it right!

I finally found a curtain rod and brackets that may work over the sliding glass door; 7 days ago. I haven’t hung them yet. Everything is by the sliding glass door but, for some reason, they haven’t hung themselves. This both makes me weary and a little surprised that by simple proximity, the project hasn’t finished itself.

I have these big projects going on in the family room and office. I’m moving and changing everything. I’m also trying to pretend that the inside of my microwave doesn’t look like it’s been used for serial murders; of tomato soup. It’s so disgusting that it’s a little startling when you open the door. Why do a 15 minute chore when I can keep working on stuff that takes days? There also might be dishes in my sink trying to crawl out on their own.

I’m not going to show you a picture of the microwave.

I just found out that I’ll have a house guest in about 8 days which means I have to put things into overdrive in order to get the guest room out from under the pile of stuff that moved there from the office. I would prefer to have the office done but unless I take a vacation and work on this full-time, it isn’t going to happen.

This could get really interesting folks.

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