Designing the Family Room

With the kitchen work winding down to the detail stage, I’ve turned my eye to the family room. This room is an extension of the kitchen, so it’s pretty important that it gets made over too.

Family room before

I tried making a mood board. I see the designers all doing these and they look cool but I have a hard time putting those boards into the context of the room. When I decorate a room, I tend to be very practical and the decorating is all done around the function of the room.  So I created the mood board with some of the things I have already worked out. With every penny going to the kitchen remodel, the family room remodel is being done on a super slim budget.


The smart thing to do is probably set a limit and stick to it but instead, I’m kind of playing a game with myself and seeing how little I can spend. This means a few projects ahead of me:

Wall color – I’ll extend the Knitting Needles gray into the family room. The kitchen and family room share walls so it isn’t really an option to change the color. Cost – $39

Sofa – I would love to replace my sofa but that just isn’t feasible right now. However, this is an Ikea sofa and I have two sets of striped covers sitting on a shelf because I decided I wasn’t crazy about them. I’m going to try dying one set a dark plum/aubergine and the other set navy. These colors will look gorgeous against the wall color and should be dark enough to cover the stripes in the couch covers. Cost – $23 for good fabric dye

Curtains – I have a set of navy curtains that I bought but never used. They are brand new and in the package at the bottom of a closet. They are a nice, heavy curtain which will be helpful during the winter as my sliding glass door can make the room quite cold. Next Spring, I may look at some lighter, seasonally appropriate curtains but for now, I’ll use what I have. Cost – $0

TV Stand – I currently have a TV stand I like but it is a little beat up. I’m going to paint this white so it pops against the wall. It has glass doors so I thought it would be fun to find pretty paper or fabric and put it on the inside of the door. On this mood board I used a navy and white pattern I really like but now that I look at the color palette, I need some color to pop and this might be a good place to do that. Perhaps something that is orange and blue? Cost – $0 (I’m going to use some left-over paint from something else)

Arm Chair #1 – I had an aubergine chair in the living room that I think I’ll bring into the family room since it is a better fit to the palette. Cost – $0

Arm Chair #2 – Needs to be recovered. I don’t have a fabric picked out yet but I’m thinking navy with some orange or white accents for the chair. Cost – $40 for the fabric

Rug – I have fallen in love with these navy and white patterned rugs on but they run about $250. That’s actually a really good price for a rug this large and it is free shipping but I think I have to wait before I can get this rug. In the meantime, I’ll be on the lookout for something else that can work. If I found an indoor/outdoor rug that is plain, I may be able to paint this pattern on it. Cost – $50 (my limit)

Fireplace wall – I’ve always planned to build bookshelves on either side of the fireplace for a Craftsman look. It is quite a wide space that I don’t think I’ll be able to fill with a pre-made piece so it will have to be built-in. I’m tempted to try this myself but it could be a very stupid thing to do so we’ll see. Cost – $100 for lumber?

Accessories – I’ll use what I have. Normally I get something I love and then find a place for it in the house. Since everything had to get pulled out at once, I’ll be more deliberate when I put it back and try to design with what I have. Cost – $0

So this means I have the following projects:

  • Painting the room
  • Dying sofa covers
  • Hanging curtains
  • Making over the TV stand
  • Recovering arm chair
  • Rug solution
  • Craftsman shelves
  • Accessorize

Projected budget – $252

Carpet gone, new flooring, new base trim.

Carpet gone, new flooring, new base trim.

For someone that was avoiding a cool, dark palette for this cold, dark room, I sure managed to do the opposite of what I planned!

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2 Responses to Designing the Family Room

  1. Amy says:

    Love how you think! How will the kitty supervise THIS new project?

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      She will supervise with great attention to detail I am sure. That and she will try to: A.climb on it B.bite it. Those seem to be her two important tests.

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