Day 3 – The Great Office Makeover

So far so good. I’m trucking along according to the plan. It hasn’t all been easy, the desk wouldn’t completely come apart and the shelf supports in the closet were attached with nearly 3 inch “nails.” I quotation mark those because they look like a hybrid of a nail and a staple and are freakin’ hard to get out of the wall. It didn’t help that there were an excessive number of these “nails.”

This corner isn’t going anywhere

Because of the “nails” the drywall on the wall got kind of damaged so I’ll have to fix that before painting.


I wouldn’t have called this the sexiest part of the project. I’d better start spicing things up.

Sexy or not, this has actually been quite a bit of work already. Here is where we started at the kickoff of this project.

Here is how it looks this evening.

Frankie does not approve of what I’m doing to his room. Yes, he has always considered this his room and the futon his bed. I may actually be making over a dog’s room.

Monday: clean out closet

Tuesday: remove desk

Wednesday: demo closet

Thursday: remove shelves, repair shelves, repair holes in closet

Friday: paint shelves

Weekend: remove carpet, replace sub-floor, paint room

Monday: finish painting room, paint window trim

Tuesday: finish painting trim, paint closet door

Wednesday: finish painting closet door

Thursday: replace closet trim

Friday: cut baseboard trim

Weekend: lay new floor, replace base board

Monday: paint desk

Tuesday: paint desk, paint trim

Wednesday: finish painting desk, replace shelves, hang new closet bar

Thursday: hang new blinds

Friday: replace stuff

Saturday: clean house

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