Culling Through the Stuff

I’ve written a bit about organizing and paring down possessions before and when people ask me about organizing a space, they always give me a funny look when I say that the key to organizing is to get rid of as much stuff as possible. I know they would like to hear about some magical solution that enables them to keep all their stuff but, honestly, you have to just constantly get rid of some of your stuff.

My goal for my home office is to get rid of at least 50% of what is in there. It does seem like a lot but it has been really neglected for a long time. I haven’t stayed on top of getting rid of stuff as I accumulated more stuff. If I haven’t been able to access much of what was stored in there (and I haven’t) then I won’t miss what is eliminated.

For example, things that are easily thrown in a drawer and just ignored for years. I’m fairly certain, that if I haven’t needed it in all this time, I won’t need it now.

The technology can be kind of hard to get rid of because it was expensive when we got it but if we are honest with ourselves, we probably won’t go back on the technology scale; we’ll only go forward. As much as I love this, the smart phone is better.

When I really need to make sure I do a good job reducing the crap, I set goals like that for myself. “I want to get rid of at least a quarter of the shoes” or “I want to get rid of half the books on the shelf.” It helps keep you motivated to eliminate as much as possible. If you just try to “get rid of as much as possible” you have left an option open you may not really want.

So far I’m on target. I cleaned out the plastic drawers in the closet (because I didn’t want to try to move the full ones) and easily got rid of over 50%. The yarn will be interesting. I will probably end up getting rid of way over 50% because I’m restricting it to fitting on a single book case. I’m actually pretty excited to be getting rid of so much stuff because the room has been overwhelming and not even a place I wanted to be anymore. I used to hang out in there knitting and watching web shows.

I can’t wait to get the clean out done because I’m getting excited about the fun stuff. I have visions of painted bookshelves in surprising places and a whole desk makeover. The things I have planned for this desk…

which judging by how the red box is going, should be a hilarious project


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