Conversations II

More weird stuff that somehow goes on between me and my family and friends…

Me (holding a butter knife while balancing a plate): “Whoa, this could be dangerous”

Friend: “Careful you don’t shank anyone.”

Me (making a stabbing motion in the air and dropping the knife almost immediately): “Oh. I’m a terrible prisoner.”

The only picture I had with a knife in it.

In a kickboxing class practicing a spin kick that looks very cool

Me (under my breath): “I’m a ninja!”

Kickboxing Coach (Choke-laughing): “What did you say?”


A terrible picture I took of a pack of ninjas taking a walk together. You didn’t really expect them to be easy to photograph, did you?

Years ago after I had just earned my Master’s degree and was looking for a job

Grandpa: You should carry your resume with you in your bag at all times.

Me: That’s a really good idea Grandpa, I should do that.

Grandpa: Because you never know when you meet a man on the bus who needs a secretary.

My Nephew was watching me knit a blue and green dish cloth

Nephew: Aunt Laurie, will you knit me a sweater?

Me: Of course! What color do you want?

Nephew: Um, I think blue and green.

Me: Oh. OK. Sure, I’ll knit you a blue and green sweater.

(10 minutes later)

Nephew: Is it done yet?

The colors of the dishcloth I was knitting that night. I think it is the color combination that inspired his request.


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2 Responses to Conversations II

  1. Sue says:

    Love the grampa and nephew exchanges the most!

  2. Dee says:

    I’m with Sue, the nephew and grampa conversations had me laughing out loud.

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