Color on Walls!

OK, it isn’t as exciting as my title would suggest but it does always feel good to see some spiffing up in the midst of tearing everything down and out.

I got some pictures this morning in the natural light so you could see the color better. It still isn’t great because I am just taking pictures with my phone. My tripod is somewhere in the home office mess in other rooms so this will be as good as we get for a while.

I like this picture because of the cutting-in on the right wall, you can see how different the gray is from white which doesn’t always read well in pictures of just the gray wall

I ran out of paint half way through so now I have to find time to get to the paint store. That will be a bit of a challenge. I’m using a much thicker nap for the roller this time and it is putting a lot of paint on the walls. I may not have to come back for a second coat.

I was also delighted to discover a little feature on my cutting-in cup last night. This is probably well-known to the rest of the world and obvious to others but I totally missed it until I happened to tap my paint brush against the side of the cup. There is a magnet there to hold the paint brush!

It’s the little things.

When I pulled up my carpet, I did find a few fibers of what is likely the original carpet. Surprise, surprise, this 1978 ranch-style home had brown shag carpet!

I’ll tell you, it has not been easy to stay focused on this little room when this is going on outside now:

Spring. Happening right before my eyes!

Don’t worry, the project supervisor is on the job and won’t let me quit.

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3 Responses to Color on Walls!

  1. Sue says:

    How do you paint your ceilings? Love the kitty!

    • LoveThisSpace says:

      I don’t! I hate painting ceilings so I pretend they aren’t there. I hate it so much I’ll pay someone to come in and do them. That is one of the reasons I do so much around the house, so I can afford to hire someone to do the things I can’t or won’t do.

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