Christmas Memories

Thinking back on Christmas memories from when I was a child, moments stand out. I don’t think they stand out because they were the best moments or the favorite gifts or anything, but for some reason, those moments have stayed with me.

The year I got the motorcycle stunt action figure. It was purple, I wasn’t expecting it and my brother broke it within hours. I’m still bitter about that.


I swear mine was purple. But I remember the bike specifically so it made an impression.

The year I opened some Christmas presents before Christmas unbeknownst to my Mom. I hid the evidence behind my bedroom door. You know, because no one would ever think to look there. I was not allowed to keep that Avon perfume brooch. That was my punishment for the offense. Better the pin than the remote control helicopter my brothers opened early and never got to keep.


The year I had Christmas presents for my family that I bought for them in Europe. My first trip abroad. I was so please and proud and couldn’t wait to share the memories and circumstances behind each gift. How I had wandered an open-air market in Florence before I found the sweater or how the clerk at the store I bought the tapes at had no teeth. All those memories I couldn’t wait to share.

Every year my favorite part was (is) the stockings. My Santa always does awesome stockings. Plus, at the stockings stage, there are still all the glorious gifts under the tree waiting to be discovered. I love the anticipation.

Have a wonderful holiday all. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is a lovely time of the year to pause and appreciate who and what we have.

(Scarlet’s contribution to the blog post . She isn’t very good at this.



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  1. Sue says:

    Merry Christmas, Scarlet, you just need more practice!

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