Checking In

Yesterday was a super long day of moving and unpacking. We packed up the grandparents over the weekend and Monday was the day things were moved over and unpacked. We are trying to have the apartment completely ready to go when the grandparents get back (we sent them off for a fun, long weekend).

So the kitchen is stocked and ready to go. Bathrooms are completely ready, beds are made, and clothes are in closets and drawers. When I left yesterday, there were about 4 boxes left to unpack. I’m back at the day job so Mom and my brother will hang pictures and finish up last tasks like getting longer phone cords.

We also found that stash of money that is supposed to be hidden in grandparents’ houses. Whoo hoo!

I don’t get to be there when the grandparents come back to their new home. I’d love to see their reaction to the cute Fall display my Mom set up for them on their “shelf.” (A lot of these retirement places have a little shelf outside the residents’ doors. It’s a very big deal to decorate and personalize the shelves. University regalia on game days, holidays, and personal hobbies. My Grandmother is very into it.) I’d love to see if they are OK with the fact that we flipped the orientation of their living room so they can sit on their couch and look out the window at all the pretty trees.

I’d really like to see if we were able to make it feel like home for them and if they start to nest.

In the meantime, I don’t have a real post for you today. I try to have posts ready and scheduled ahead of time when I know I’m going to be busy but between my own house reassembly and the grandparents…I don’t.

I’m exhausted, swollen (my poor hands aren’t used to actual WORK) and incredibly grateful for the desk job in my little cubicle. It is very soothing today.

Tomorrow I should be back to normal and I hope I can share an easy house update.

Happy Tuesday all!


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