Building Up the Nerve

I’m getting up the nerve to do my baseboard installation myself. I don’t know why I’m so sure I can’t do this. It’s one of those projects that doesn’t look hard but people are always saying, “Oh, that is too difficult, you should pay someone to do it.”

Everything I look at makes it look simple. So maybe what others think is hard, is the part I’m comfortable with. I can’t help but think a lot of “helpful” folks are getting baseboard mixed up with crown molding (which does look a bit trickier because it has an angle back as well as an angle in the corners).

So I just keep watching these and look for the tricky part. I’m building up the nerve to try this tomorrow. It isn’t like I’d have to do the room over if I got it wrong.


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2 Responses to Building Up the Nerve

  1. Scaloot says:

    you can do it! trickiest part is if you have ‘piece’ a long wall, do it with miter cut, not a butt cut. Your comfort zone is larger than a lot of others. I have gotten used to it all those comments about ‘I wouldn’t be brave enough to try and do that…’ I am amazed you do what you do without a lot of tools (yes they are my downfall, but I love every one of them)
    Carry on and have the caulk handy!

  2. kg says:

    Yes, you can do it! Outside corners are the hardest for me (well for us). Good Luck!

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