Blink and You’ll Miss Me

Just passing through to let you know I’m still here. All is good. The house is sorely neglected but the animals are pampered and spoiled. As it should be.

I did replace the rug in the living room. I absolutely loved my blue and white rug but it had become a victim of foster dogs potty training and it did not clean up well at all. The dyes in the rug ran when it wasn’t staining and it began to stink. Like urine. Not a welcoming smell in your home. This new rug is very jazzy and well outside my comfort zone but I do like it. I like the fact that it is very different for me.


I may be hoping that the pattern distracts people if there is poop on the floor. “Look at that jazzy pattern while I swoop in with a plastic bag and Nature’s Miracle!” (note to self: buy stock in Nature’s Miracle)

As soon as I started trying to get pictures of this, Scarlet had to step in and “help.”


My last foster dog, Mary, went to a really good home right before Christmas and I have to say; I miss her. She was a fun one.


I’ve been dogsitting one of my mom’s dogs. Stryker is a really big Golden (~120 lbs) who is on the senior side (~11?) and so when she going to be on the road for a few days on her way to Arizona, we thought he would be more comfortable with me here rather than being cooped up in the car. He gets creaky. Plus, he loves me. He absolutely adores me (the feeling is mutual, big man) so we are having a lot of fun with him around. I have had him for a couple of months now and will get to keep him for the rest of March too.


Everyone is terrific friends. Oscar loves having someone follow him around and Stryker has always been very taken with Oscar.


We passed a bit of a milestone last month. Coco has now lived with us for a year! I’d say she has fully integrated into retirement and is a happy, happy girl. She doesn’t know any strangers, she only knows new best friends. Which is a bit of a challenge when people come in and she is all over them and trying to crawl into laps. Even dog lovers are overwhelmed. She loves so fiercely that I think she sets a great example for us all. When you love someone; love them 10,000%!


Hug your loved ones today people!

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  1. Sue says:

    What a lovely drive by!

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