Birthday Planning

This is my birthday month. I love my birthday month (I accidentally typed money there. Twice. So I figure that means that is what you are all giving me). I’ve never had a problem with birthdays and getting old. I’m old. So what. So are a lot of other people. We’re all getting old. Miley Cyrus is getting old right now.

Cheerleadin' Laurie

Me when I was not old. The pigtails are a good look. I wonder if I could still pull them off?

I don’t mind planning my own birthday stuff because I figure I’m the best judge of what I feel like doing this year. Last year I was “meh” about celebrating a lot. No reason in particular, I just wasn’t in the mood.

This year I’m feeling a little friskier about planning something fun so I’m thinking up some ways to celebrate the month of my birth.

Justin Timberlake looks like fun, maybe I should have a glittering gala and have Justin host and perform. He’d probably do it just for fun, right? That happens a lot for me with super stars. They just like me. Actually, could I have Justin host and have Foo Fighters or someone more like that play? Justin won’t mind.


I’m pretty sure this is what every party with Justin Timberlake looks like. Automatically.

Something with a chocolate fountain. I guess I should fill in the gaps around that item but right now, the chocolate is distracting enough I’m having a hard time thinking past it.


I can’t think past this now. Mmmm…chocolate.

Why can’t adults have a petting zoo? We like to play with goats and llamas too.


Is it too late to suggest someone get me that new car with a bow they keep pushing at us in Christmas commercials? My car is due for servicing and it would be handier to just get a new car than have to follow through with the old one.

I don’t think I quite have the energy for a group Vegas trip. All that debauchery and hedonism really is a lot of work. It seems a waste to go to Vegas just to go to bed early, eat sensibly, and stick to the budget.


Like my party would be with less cool guys and more knitting and napping.

Maybe a Downton Abbey party? But I get to be the Dowager Countess. She has all the best lines and best dresses. Does this seem a little elaborate? Will any of my friends want to dress up as the servants or will everyone stampede to dress up as the noble family? I’m thinking this could be a problem.

I think the best birthday surprise would be if someone arranges one of those surprise makeovers with one of the HGTV shows. “Update my Bathroom!” or “Hide all my Stuff so the Room looks Good!” The rooms you can makeover, in the order of importance: living room, master bath, and guest bath. I’ll stay away as long as you need to make the magic happen.

I probably should have warned you before I flashed you the ugly master bath. Sorry.

Regardless of my plans, I shall sit back and wait for all the presents to start piling up. Don’t worry about overdoing it anyone. I can take it.


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  1. kharmadia says:

    My b-day month too! And I’m positive I used to have that bathroom, but I can’t remember back that far! (And I tried, really really hard.) Congrats and have fun!

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