And Now We Face Christmas

It has been so utterly boring these past weeks that I felt like I had nothing to share. Boring is good. Sometimes. Work is good. I like what I’m working on and who I’m working with. Family is good. Everyone is healthy and behaving. I’m good and behaving. Sometimes.

The knee has healed nicely. I had a brief setback when I tweaked something getting animals out to the car for a routine vet visit but even with how much that hurt, it was over in a few days. I think I’m just down to building strength back into my legs and core. I don’t think I’ll get to kickbox anymore which is really disappointing. But I’ve always loved regular strength training and swimming so I just need to get back into the habit.

I have a new foster. Her name is Mary. She is very sweet.

My favorite part of fostering is watching them figure out how their life is different and seeing them blossom. At first they are very cautious and tend to find a spot in the room and just watch. Eventually they start getting excited about food time, going out, and then they figure out toys. Mary has found the toy box and now really interacts with the toys by carting them around and play bowing to them.

She has certainly demonstrated that she feels secure here now.

I hosted Thanksgiving this year. You would be very proud of me though, instead of getting some unrealistic project going of something that isn’t really a priority, I actually did something that has been lingering on the ToDo list. My office has had a huge, ugly pile of junk that I’ve avoided. These are the last dregs of the old office that needed to be sorted and considered. The challenge was that every single thing had to be looked at and a decision made. So I spent almost two days going through each and every item. I got rid of about 4 bags of garbage and 10+ bags of shredded paper.


The picture on the left is the before picture but it is actually a little deceiving. The pile had grown significantly to be as high as the shelf top and the top of the monitor. In fact, some of the papers were resting on top of the corner of the monitor. It was about a 3x3x3 area of bills, papers, and general crap that needed to be dealt with. The two boxes beneath the desk were from when my bookcase originally collapsed but they were like those boxes you just dump things into when you move. You know, those last few boxes when you are just desperate to be done packing. Those boxes have been emptied and disposed of. Clearly, I need to tidy the bookcase but I’m so relieved to have that pile gone I could sing and dance.

Seriously, I was losing bills in that pile and you know how fun that is to deal with.

Now this isn’t a sexy project, or even a project that is dramatic to anyone else. In fact, I’m afraid the response I got was, “Well at least you finally cleaned in here.” *sigh*

But I do feel really good getting it done once and for all and I feel like it was a big barrier in calling the office done. Now I just need to paint the closet doors and seriously, it will be finished.

Mary found a throw rug and pulled it up on the dog bed to burrow under it. All that crap on the floor behind her? I dealt with that too!

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  1. Amy says:

    I hope LuLu the desk monster survived the culling.

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