A Whole Lot of Nothing

Listen, I need to confess something and I know it is going to shock you people. You come here looking for glamor, design tips, and inspiration and I do my best to meet your expectations. Or it’s possible you come here to laugh at me and feel better about yourself. Whatever. Either way, I’m a public service. You’re welcome.

Brace yourselves. You should probably sit down first. I’m not the super-organized, design diva you think I am. I spend a lot of time cleaning up dog gak (that watery stuff they hork up after running around outside, coming back inside and lapping up an entire bowl of water), my house is rarely staged for anything other than battle, I consider it a good day if I can mask most of the smells, and I’m a big fan of “good enough.”

I’ll let you sit with that for a minute.

My next confession: I didn’t finish a damn thing this weekend. I started about seven things and didn’t follow through on any of them. It was kind of awesome, actually.

I didn’t even finish watching Breaking Bad. I got as far as Netflix could take me and I couldn’t be bothered to plug in my cable and get that going again. Not that I wasn’t left in total suspense; holy cow! I’ve been enjoying this BB binge. SO good!

But plugging in the cable to my cable box and calling the cable company to have them ping the box just seemed like SO much work!

So I started building a pantry. The space where the washer and dryer used to reside is going to be changed.


I’ll replace the old washer and dryer with a stacking set and the other half of the nook will become a pantry. My kitchen badly needs a pantry. This is a nice, deep space so I think it will serve really well for a pantry.

In this depiction, clearly done by a professional, I've illustrated the layout of the new laundry/pantry nook.

In this depiction, clearly done by a professional, I’ve illustrated the layout of the new laundry/pantry nook.

I’ve been very inspired by a lot of pantry projects but especially this one:

photo courtesy of House of Smiths

photo courtesy of House of Smiths

It even happens to be the right colors AND a corner pantry like mine! Oh how I want to have those decals too. Isn’t that pretty? Wouldn’t that just make everyone smile when they went to get a can of beans? She probably even has better food than me.

I measured out what space would be allotted to appliances and what would be shelving. I found the studs and marked them on the wall. I even began cutting support pieces. Then, just for fun, I tried mitering just to see if I could do it and how hard would it be.

You have to admit, they look really good!

Then I realized that I probably shouldn’t build it this weekend because they will be re-installing the nook doors this week and not having shelves in the way would probably be a whole lot easier. Not to mention that I’ll be able to make sure the doors and shelves don’t interfere with each other. So the pantry project was shelved (ha!).

I then turned to getting furniture and boxes out of my garage. I’m moving back into the house slowly. Part of the reason is that, as much as I want to have my house back, I really want to finish the walls and windows before the house is full of stuff again. I’m trying to ignore that impulse as it means I would continue to live out of the garage through the holidays. No way.

Before the living room wall has books stacked against it, I thought I would repair the holes the mollies left when the shelves collapsed (Shelves installed by a professional I might add. Not my error.). I cleaned up the broken drywall but couldn’t find the mesh patches I need for these holes. I bought them but they are somewhere in my garage. That, my friends, is a conundrum.

I continued the process of bringing furniture back into the house but quickly detoured into a furniture repair project.

This table was falling apart but I’m very attached to it because it is one of those handy pieces to have in every room. A small table but tall so it fits in most areas and provides a needed surface for cups of tea and a lamp. The marble surface is also really handy for those of us who may be a little less careful with our beverages.

Marble-top table

The legs were all coming apart and a couple of the feet were twisting around making the table completely unstable. So I glued it up and tightened screws and decided it needed an update. It is, by no means, a precious antique or anything. Someone repaired this table in the past with a glue that swelled and dripped everywhere and the marble is badly chipped and stained.

I selected one of the sample pots I had lying around. This was going to lighten it up quite a bit but I thought it might end up being pretty for the guest room. I have a pretty good idea of the colors and designs going in there and this blue, Sherwin William’s Breeze, is a good fit in the palette. So I put a couple of coats on the table and called it good.

I’m not completely crazy about the paint color with the top but it doesn’t bother me enough to do anything about it.

This doesn’t count as finished as I need to figure out what to do about the stained marble surface. Still, it is the most finished project for the weekend. Huzzah!

So to those that come here looking for gorgeously staged photos and inspiration for their home, I apologize. Anyone seeking a vicarious thrill as I cross items off my project list, I regret that nothing has been crossed off. I didn’t even decorate for Halloween as I had intended.

I did, however, polish off a case of Diet Coke and threw away the last of the Ikea cardboard. I thought it was noteworthy enough, I made a badge. Feel free to grab it for yourself if you hit your weekend “goals.”


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4 Responses to A Whole Lot of Nothing

  1. RageMichelle says:

    We all have weekends where we don’t finish anything..or as I like to call it…Summer. I LOVE the marble finish!

  2. Brandi says:

    You’re hilarious! I appreciate you “keeping it real.” Most of my weekends are spent doing nothing. We all need some down time.

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