A Post of Little Substance

I can’t think cohesively tonight. My brain is all full of snippets. Let’s see if you can keep up with me.

It’s been a few weeks of upheaval around here and I’m struggling to keep things moving and on track. It’s all good. It’s one of those rare times when I’m happy with the change and all these nice things and people are crossing my path. I’m trying to stay in the moment and enjoy it all because it seems like life throws more curve balls than confetti.

A new job and I am loving everything so much. I work with super smart people doing really cool stuff. I keep pinching myself. Can I really have lucked out this much? I’m trying to find the very best version of professional me. It’s been a while though. I know it sounds crazy but do you know how many people really just want you to toe the line and not try to do anything, or be, remarkable?

I’m dogsitting my brother’s dog this week. One more dog in this household isn’t a lot more but it does change our routine a little. She’s a wonderful gal that he got at the shelter. She looks tough and likes to act tough until she thinks she’s going to get cuddles which she loves more than anything. Give her a big bear hug and head scratchies and she’s your friend forever.

This is her reaction when I asked her if she was done being silly (aka barking).

I’ve had several weekends (and even weeks) where I could have been getting things done around the house but I feel such a sense of apathy about chores. I think all that activity before the holidays is having its equal and opposite reaction now. Hopefully I’ll perk up in the next week or so because I really want to get some things done and I don’t want to have to do them all at once.

I finished all the episodes of Warehouse 13 and had an overwhelming desire to make oatmeal scotchies. They are delicious. I highly recommend them.

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