A Little Paint Can Go a Long Way

I had another glorious weekend to just putter about the house and knock out projects. I love not having deadlines for work around the house. I will do a few things, read a chapter or two, do a few more tasks, make some toast, paint a few things, etc. It’s lovely to just knock things out without pressure behind the project.

I did finish the pantry and am writing up a little reveal. In the meantime, I thought I would share an “easy” project with a lot of bang for the buck.

Painting trim isn’t a difficult project but it can be fiddly so while it doesn’t actually take a lot of time to do, preparation can stretch the length of the project.

I’ve been caulking like crazy in the family room and kitchen. I’ve come to the conclusion that no one ever caulked in this house before now (other than the standard plumbing caulking). Caulking around windows is a good idea because it just closes up another gap that heat or cool air can slip through. Caulking around floor trim or interior door trim is really more of a cosmetic preference but considering some of the gaps I have between the walls and the trim, I’ll be caulking a lot more this year (and next!).

The family room is a cold room during the winter and now that I’ve removed the carpet, I need to do everything possible to close the gaps to the outside.

The kitchen window was caulked and I went around the trim filling the holes with wood putty and sanded them down. I also had to caulk along the mitered edges of the trim. They had some gaps that paint was just going to emphasize, making everything look janky. There was a lot of prep on the kitchen window trim.

Kitchen window trim before…

This weekend I was finally ready to paint the trim. This trim has never been painted so I used a primer+paint combination. Even with the primer included, I did two heavy coats. Heavy enough that was a little drippage and I think I need a third, and final, coat. But in the meantime, it looks finished and clean. Much better.


Even with all the prep I did on the trim, when I put the first coat of paint up, I found a lot more nail and staple holes and had to fill them before the second coat. With all the work on the trim, I think that if I had a bigger budget, I would have been better off just pulling off this old trim and installing and painting new trim. But right now I’m working with what I have!

A final side-by-side comparison. I think the white trim and the gray wall is a much better combination.


I still have the trim around the sliding glass door and the back door to the garage. These are turning out to be as preparation-heavy as the kitchen window was. Lots of gaps, holes, and rough spots that need sanding.

A sneak peek at another painting project I finished up this weekend in this sleepy Sunday still life I call Snoozing Dog.

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