A Good Saturday

The nicest kind of Saturday, made up of lovely little things:

My roses are starting to bloom like crazy and smell heavenly! Of course, beautiful roses on the table features the unfortunate dust that is inevitable. I’m on the lookout for some cute everyday table clothes. They are much more practical than dusting daily.

Kitty (with her little tongue out) that wants to be a part of everything but is distracted for a while by a straw. Don’t worry, she killed it.

A nosy robin who stood at the door and stared in for several minutes. This is him finally walking off when I moved to take a picture. Oscar, who barks at everything in the backyard, slept through it all.

I keep going into the office to admire it. The floor will be going in Wednesday. Frankie wants to know when he’ll have his room back.

This weekend will be little chores for the office. Replacing outlets with white ones, updating the light switch, door hardware, and window blinds. Small successful projects. The kind I like.

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One Response to A Good Saturday

  1. Sue says:

    Roses are lovely; dusting is highly overrated!

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