How Do I Stay Motivated?

I finally grit my teeth and took a pass at writing out what my ToDo list is going to look like over the next several months.

Holy Cow.

It’s earned its own page. This, my friends, is why I need to break the big project down into individual tasks. If I think about the whole project too much I just want to curl up into a ball and chew my hair.

Each of these things, by themselves, is very doable. I might even break down the individual tasks into smaller tasks since they will likely be done when I have stolen moments: in the evenings after work, before work, between episodes of Dr. Who. Any trick I can use to keep it all moving forward.

I saw a documentary last week that ended up kind of freaking me out. Gray Gardens.


I can’t embed this video but it has some great shots of how bad the house got.

I know they made a movie and even a play out of this. I still can’t decide if the women were awesome or kind of sad; both I think. What I do know is that I was watching this camped out in my bedroom and I started worrying. I don’t want to be one of these strange women who live around something like no kitchen. I don’t want to have a house falling down around my ears. I don’t want to share my house with raccoons!

The motto now is, “No Gray Gardens!” If I start flagging in any of my tasks, I’ll just remember Gray Gardens and that will keep me moving!

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