Introducing the Kitchen

The intention of Love This Space was to jauntily record my DIY projects (a less-kind person might call them “attempts” rather than “projects”) and share what I was finding in research, resources, and experience. This Sunday changed that whole game plan.

There was a minor washing machine disaster that resulted in much water across my kitchen and family room floor. Four days later my kitchen is gone. It is like it was washed away with the water. I wish it had been that easy.

Mopping Up

The kitchen was always a major target for renovation. It is was a little dated and I thought it would be “fun” to update a few things myself. I thought it had good bones. I liked the footprint. I live in a modest home in a modest neighborhood so it doesn’t make sense to get too fancy. This was something I felt I could tackle. Eventually. I was working up to it. I had gotten to the point where I was determined to do the cabinet doors this summer. I was going to attach a little flat trim to the fronts to hide the dated scrolls and make it look more Craftsman (the ranch style house is a cousin of the Craftsman so this was the design direction I was going to take this place). Then I was going to paint them all white so they looked fresh and clean.

At some point soon I was going to tackle the floors! My house is a conglomerate of carpet, tile, laminate, and linoleum. All in only 1500 square feet. Each flooring solution a little less attractive and practical than the next.

So you can see why I knew I had plenty of projects that I was going to do one-by-one. Let me just repeat that last bit there…one-by-one.

Until my washing machine decided otherwise.

This is what has rush-launched Love This Space. Partly because it is good blog-fodder but honestly, a big part of it is I need to process what is happening against my will so quickly.

So please pardon the state of the blog. I’m sprucing this up while the kitchen gets put back together. Perhaps together we can heal.

Oh barf! I’m really just trying to get my thoughts together so I stop babbling at all the nice workmen because when I do that, it leaves them with a slightly panicked look on their face.

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