2013 in Review

I was looking at my pictures for something and realized that I had captured some great moments of the year. Thanks to a photography class this year, I started working hard to take more pictures so I have a pretty good visual representation of the year. Here are some of my better moments of 2013:

Massive closet clean out. A huge organization problem and it felt SO good to finally tackle it.

Took my grandparents to their Ikebana show this Spring. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take both to another again. My Grandpa is getting so frail. These events are really important to them and they are always celebrated by everyone at the show so I’m so glad we went.

Some great visits to the beach. Wonderful escape from all the remodel chaos that was making me nuts.

Striker came to live with us last year but every year with him is precious. This beautiful senior boy never fails to make us laugh.

Life is never boring with these two goofs.

Having to move my Grandparents. This took over our lives for a few months and went back and forth between emotional and funny.

The old kitchen right before all hell broke loose.

The washing machine flood of ’13. OK, not one of the BEST moments but it did result in one of the best moments.

Ripping the kitchen out. Those fans and heaters. The noise really started wearing me down.

I was forced to learn a bunch of new stuff in the remodel. One of my triumphs was the automatic sensor in my hallway. That thing has worked perfectly and everyone who sees it wants one in their hallways.

Transforming the old laundry nook into a better laundry nook and pantry. Changed the whole kitchen dynamic.

The Great Garage Clean Up. An epic job and just about killed me but I was so happy to have it done and it made a lot of things possible during the remodel.

The new kitchen is (mostly) done. Not only is it a complete kitchen remodel but I built the cabinets and installed all the doors and hardware.

Verboort’s Sausage dinner was a day spent amusingly and resulted in more sausage than any one family should have. It was awesome.

I hosted Thanksgiving.

Games and shenanigans with the nephews over Christmas.

First Christmas tree I’ve put up in my own house in years.

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