Organization Areas in the Garage

Feeling kind of crummy so I’ve laid low these last couple of days. I felt up to wandering out to the garage and nearly finishing off one of the organization areas but I also finished a little planning sheet I’ll share with you. It isn’t sophisticated but because everyone has such different situations, a general, simple tool would be more universal to you anyway.

A great way to get your arms around cleaning up a space and making it useful is deciding how it is going to be used. With the garage, I designated “areas” for specific purposes. Storage areas (even that is broken down into appliance storage, food storage, general storage), tools and work bench, and the gardening area. Completing the gardening area was going to wrangle a lot of implements and make it easier to organize the other areas so I wanted to tackle it first.

While I love projects that can be done on the cheap, I did need to buy some organization systems for the gardening tools. So I gathered up some of the materials I had purchased a few years ago (and never got hung) and figured out what else I needed (I got some great ideas from Pinterest) and made a few hardware store runs. Of course it was a few runs because who manages to buy everything they need on the first trip. Seriously. Why is it always like that?

This is the area I designated for gardening when I started this garage organization project:

This is an in-progress picture tonight. I have a few other hooks to hang for pruners and trimmers. I need to move the hook for the bicycle closer to the corner and I need to empty out a plastic tub onto the shelf and baskets (the plastic tub was a temporary organization step – get it all in one place and you have a better idea what you are trying to organize).

It will look quite a bit fuller when the bike is hanging and the wire shelf and basket have things in them. Just getting the shovels, picks, and rakes off the floor and away from the workbench is huge though. I used a Gladiator rack with hooks for the larger tools and basic Closetrmaid wire shelf and baskets for the smaller items. I like wire in the garage because it doesn’t get as dirty as a solid shelf does and it is easier to see what is on the shelf from below if it is a high shelf. Also, I think it just allows light to get around better making things easier to see.

There is much more to do in the garage but summer is distracting. As much as I enjoy getting work done around the house, sometimes I need to remind myself to enjoy the space I’ve created and spend some time with the people and critters in my life too. There is a big Parade of Homes this weekend we are going to hit as well as some of the more awesome places here in Portland that offer building materials. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the Rebuilding Store, Rejuvenation, etc. I’ll report back what we found.

Here is the garage organization sheet – ProjectPlan (it’s a .pdf file that you should be able to download). It really just asks you questions and based on your answers you’ll be able to make some decisions about what you want to do with your space. I’ve shared a rough design of what I did with my garage and give you a little blank rectangle so you can do the same.


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