Uh Oh, Coco

Coco continues to settle in nicely with only a few speed bumps. I’ve mentioned before that the challenge (and at the same time, the fun part) of helping them adjust to a home life is their second puppy hood and learning to live in a home environment. It takes a while for their personalities to emerge as they discover new boundaries and interests. I mean, they change  a LOT from when they first come off the track.

Coco is proving to be a kook. This shouldn’t shock anyone. Everyone in this house lets their freak flag fly. Except Oscar. He is always very concerned with being a good boy and gets genuinely distressed when he perceives that someone else is doing something they shouldn’t. I don’t know if that is a product of being abandoned but he is always trying to follow the rules. And set them.

Coco seems to have little concept of rules. Her whole life until now has been regimented so now it must just seem like a free-for-all (I assure you, it isn’t). She’s been seeking out those boundaries. Some journeys more successful than others.

That tongue is hanging out a little there…

One of her big discoveries was that she could jump up on the bed. She spent a few weeks wanting to get up on the bed and putting her front paws and elbows up but then would just move her hind paws up and down like she should take a really big step. I found it amusing that this world-class athlete didn’t believe she could do something as simple as jump. But she did eventually figure it out. And immediately started applying it in ways I wasn’t too happy about.

When I leave for the day I baby-gate the dogs into the family room/kitchen area. That’s where their food, water, dog beds, toys, couch, and TV are so they have everything they need in that single space. It leaves the rest of the house free for the cat to wander unmolested as well as protect my bed from being dug up too vigorously (thus ripping the sheets) and prevents accidents on the rug. I swear, it was right after the Coco-adoption-check cleared when she started doing interesting things. At first, I was finding her on the other side of the baby-gate when I came home from work. One day, I hadn’t even finished locking the door as I left when I heard her jump the gate.

Behind the Gate (that sounds like the super cool documentary I’ll make that pretty much consists of chewing toys and snoozing)

I even tried putting up two baby gates, one on top of the other. This made the baby-gate barrier about 5.5 feet high but she just immediately knocked the top one out.

A few days later I was on my way out the door and Coco was throwing a fit that I was leaving without her. I heard her clear the gate and turned around to see her standing on top of the table that is near the baby-gate (I was trying to decide whether or not to replace the existing buffet with this table so I had them side by side making this way closer to the doorway than it would normally be). It’s higher than the average table but there she was…standing on top. Jumping off this was a piece of cake and revealed the secret of her escaping the baby gate.

This is a reenactment with the table about where it was at the time of the incident.

Less than a week later, we came home to find Coco standing on the kitchen counter. Just standing there. She was trembling but I’m not sure if that was excitement that I was home or she was scared to jump down (she doesn’t love the laminate floors since she can slip on them when she does things like jump off of counters).

Only a few days after that I came home and couldn’t find her. She wasn’t at the baby-gate with Oscar. I didn’t see her anywhere in the family room or any of the other rooms. I was starting to get frantic and was fairly sure someone had come in and stolen her, when I noticed Oscar. The whole time I’m running around the house and calling her, he is standing in the kitchen with a funny look on his face. I finally looked up from the floor, where I’m used to seeing my dogs, and I see Coco on the stove. ON THE STOVE! This time I did have the presence of mind to quick take a picture. She was curled up funny like she had gotten up there, slipped around, and now was afraid to move.

The attractive Clorox wipes are always out right now because of the epic battle I’m having with the sugar ants. It’s like Game of Thrones around here.

She’s wearing a racing muzzle in this picture. They are very loose, she can still eat, drink, even pick up and toss a toy, but it prevents her from chewing and eating things that are bad for her. She has a tendency to chew and EAT her squeaky toys. I’m sure we’ll work that out as she settles into her new life but right now, for her own safety, I utilize that muzzle when I’m not here to take things out of her mouth.

Toys are fun! (to destroy)

Since her stove adventure, she’s pretty subdued when I leave for the day. She immediately goes to the couch as if to say, “I’d prefer to stay here all day if you don’t mind.” This is a relief as I thought I would have to put some kind of child safety locks on the controls for the stove so she didn’t hurt herself.

We seem to be entering a quiet period. This could be because she learned her lesson or it’s the eye of the hurricane. I’m afraid I suspect hurricane. She is the first dog I’ve had where I decided right away I needed to have pet insurance. Is it ethical to bubble wrap a dog?

I still don’t know if I like that table there (I don’t like that vase on it) but at least it is out of jumping range. I hope. Does she look like she is plotting to you? I think she’s plotting.


Without a big deadline hanging over my head, my life returns to regular priorities such as tracking down the entry point for the ants in the kitchen and searching for the source of the smell in the house (spoiler alert, it was the water in the vase. Holy bacteria, Batman!).

In the midst of all the living room work, I had a home visit from the greyhound foster coordinator. My hopes were really to fail fostering which means you’ve adopted the dog. It feels kind of soon after losing Frankie but I may never feel ready after losing that kook. He was truly a special furkid and losing him has been devastating. But the greyhound adoption folks were bringing in a bunch of dogs and were desperate for foster homes and I wanted to help.

So, a couple of weeks ago, they brought Ketner to stay with me. Ketner was a terrible name. It was her registered racing name; Bob’s Ketner. Clearly she was never called this because she didn’t answer to it. Or maybe she just disliked it as much as me. Anyway, I started calling her Coco.

She discovered the toys almost immediately and clearly thought they were OK.

Coco came right from a track and is nearly 5 years old which is the mandatory retirement age for racing greyhounds. Moving into a home environment can be bewildering and scary for these dogs. Everything they know has changed. Even if it is what we think of as all good changes, they just know it is different and they don’t know what to expect. The sliding glass door, even with stickers on it to make it visible, will still get bumped into. The screen around the fireplace and even the fireplace. WHAT ARE THESE THINGS? Mirrors are an enormous curiosity. Endless hours staring in there and then watching me through the mirror. Stairs are these evil things that go up to the sky. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS? All these new things are frightening to dogs who have only known a kennel environment.

The entire first day Coco watched Oscar. She watched to see what he did, how he navigated this strange world, and she watched to see if he was frightened of anything. He wasn’t so she stayed relatively calm. Until she saw the sprinkler head. That thing was clearly just plain evil and she backed away from it slowly.

At least at this point her ears aren’t always up in watchful mode.

It wasn’t until the second day that she kind of started noticing me. Or maybe it was after I gave them their evening kibble. She thought that was pretty cool. She proceeded to gobble up great big mouthfuls and then coughed it all out all over the floor. And then ate it up. Hey, it’s a process.

The second day she started watching me. She saw how Oscar got up on the couch and cuddled and watched that very intensely. Sometime during the day I was giving him big noisy kisses on top of his head and she came running over to see about getting some herself. That was when she discovered that she really liked the love stuff. REALLY liked it!

She started getting up on the couch but she would stand on it with shaky legs because it was a soft surface and she didn’t feel terribly secure walking. She was willing to risk it though as she glued herself to my side. I mean, she didn’t just get up to sit next to me, she would turn herself around to get as much of herself up against me as possible. She wanted all the loves and wanted me to just envelop her. She will sit there just looking up into my face.

It’s a little heartbreaking to see such a need for the loves and touching. This actually started to worry me because if she bonded so closely to me, would she have a hard time moving into an adoptive home? Would it tweak her to leave the first home she knew? I’ve seen that before with fosters. Most fosters do just fine and they love the foster home they come from as well as their adoptive home. But once in a while you get that dog that is too insecure for that switch. I was really hoping this wouldn’t happen to Coco.

The big question about whether or not she could stay here was how she would do with Scarlet Kitty. Coco was very curious about the cat but hadn’t shown a strong prey drive. Scarlet also seemed pretty comfortable and I was paying attention to that because Scarlet used to be a street kitty so she’s pretty smart. When do you know though? When can you confidently say that Coco is cat-safe?

This was the moment she discovered pillows and you can see how impressed she is with the concept.

After a couple of weeks I was starting to almost feel pretty good about the cat-safe question but I think I kept waiting for that definitive moment when I “knew.” When I could be certain that everything was going to be all right. I know. I say write that out loud and I see how silly it was to be looking for certainty. Coco is very different from Frankie. If I’m honest, what I wanted was Frankie back. That isn’t going to happen. I know that logically. I just tried really hard to be present for Coco. To give her what she needs. To celebrate little things like when she learned she can jump. She’s been wanting up on the bed but couldn’t figure out the jumping thing. She would just put her front paws on the bed and move her back legs like she was trying to crawl up but couldn’t get purchase on the mattress. Then she would cry and go back to her giant, soft, luxurious dog bed. Her dog bed that was, like 6 feet, away from me. It might as well be miles to her. But Sunday, she figured it out. She jumped, and she was up! All the beds are all hers now.

I also got a call from the adoption coordinator who felt like she had a prospective home for Coco. I realized that while I may not have made up my mind, Coco had. Coco had adopted us and it wasn’t an option to let her go somewhere else. Somewhere new that she had to learn and someone new she had to decide to trust. I may still be grieving for Frankie, but I didn’t want to grieve for Coco too.

So I told them that she wasn’t up for adoption anymore. She was already home.


The best thing I heard during the book club meeting? “Your house is so comfortable, can we meet here again?”

Why yes. Yes you can.

Oscar waiting patiently for his fans to start arriving.


Artwork by Kim Parkhurst.


I love how the new gray in the entryway makes everything pop.


Truffles and wine.



Bookcases a success.

A quick glance back a few years at the living room and it’s changed a lot. Next on the list are those awful louvres.


And now I sleep for a week.

B-Day (for book club day)

Just a quick check in before I run out to buy flowers and wine. I have no idea if wine is what I should be serving at an afternoon book club with women. I don’t drink so the whole thing is slightly mysterious to me. It seems that whenever I have it, people are pleased and it gets consumed so I’ll go throw myself on the mercy of the Trader Joe’s sommelier.

The epic bookcase project has been completed. There are little details to complete, such as affixing the bookcase to the walls, but you gotta prioritize in a situation like this. I can go back and do those little things later. Like next year.

I did do some little details like re-hanging pictures that I had taken down for painting. It gave me a chance to kind of reevaluate if I still wanted them all or if it was time to freshen things up a little.

It’s funny when you take a step back at this and look at your things in a new light. No matter how much I’d like to think I have a sophisticated, European, modern taste; I just realize that I fall more into the “rustic hippy” camp. My house is always going to look like the place where you could stretch out and take a nap on the sofa. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Now I just need to claim my dining room table back from the cat and I’ll be ready to feed people again!

I did it. Happy Valentine’s day folks.

For a recap: this whole makeover started on Monday.

One, Last Day

Holy crap. I’m down to the wire and I’m not liking what I see. But this should surprise no one as my project ideas always outpace what my poor mortal body can accomplish.

The shelves were delivered just after lunch which was great because it gave me more time to put them together. What was intimidating, was looking at the pile of boxes that I was going to have to tackle.

This is what I had when I went to bed last night.

I did not meet my micro-goal that I have been blathering on about. When I set project goals, I’m always forgetting to factor in things like eating, breaks, and things from normal life that still need to be done like showering and loading the dishwasher. In this case, I knew I could finish up at about 11pm, but the problem was that I started fading badly at 9pm. This isn’t too surprising as I had been up since 5am. I had an early call and I knew I’d want as much of the afternoon as possible for working on the shelves so if I started work super early, I could cut out early. However, at about 9:30pm I realized I was so tired I was going to start making mistakes and that would make the whole project a waste of time. So I forced myself to walk away with the project just a little over half done, took a Aleve PM to ensure I’d sleep instead of thinking about everything I had to do Friday, and went to sleep. I didn’t even need to read to fall asleep. I just lay down and crashed.

I did notice that my hands were covered in hives when I went to bed. I hadn’t done anything all day except for open boxes and put together bookshelves so it looked like I might be a little allergic to something I was handling. This morning, both my hands are swollen. I’m either allergic to the materials I’m handling or I’m allergic to hard work. I suspect the latter.

I was up bright and early to get a coat of paint on that red wall (I know I had originally planned to just leave it but what you want to do when you are overwhelmed by the number of tasks that must be done is expand the scope of your project), hauled out the mountain of cardboard that I produced yesterday so I can continue building.

The wall is gray because I got a tip that the red walls bleed and will make me cry when I try to paint it. The guy at the paint store said gray could be used instead of black and white and I just happen to have some gray paint hanging about. It’s covered the red really well. *phew!*

Really, tackling a project like this under pressure is actually something I do on purpose. If I something isn’t driving the deadline, I can stretch out a project forever (see posts on the home office makeover) so I confess, I volunteered for hosting book club for this very reason. As tired and sore as I am today, I’ll be so happy on Sunday to have things clean, painted, put away, with left over food in the fridge.

Next week I can go back to being my slothful self. I’ll just be doing it in the new, awesomely bookish living room! (With only two walls painted. If that makes anyone twitch, I’ll trade you left over party food for painting labor.)

The living room in the light of day. Nothing built itself overnight and I’m disappointed.

Two Days Left…

I hit my micro-goal last night but I’m not going to bother with a bunch of pictures because it will look like I went from this:

To this:

I know your heart must have skipped a beat at the after photo. My goal was just to finish the walls that needed to be ready for the bookcases. That means I had to caulk and paint the trim. It isn’t a big showy step but, you know, I do love how caulk finishes a project. I did take one picture so you can see how nice the bit that was done (on the left) looks compared to the un-caulked/painted bit (on the right).

I made myself panic yesterday when I imagined a whole scenario where they forgot to deliver my bookcases and the entire project was for naught. Luckily, at 9:30 last night (that is super late for me, I get up early) I received a recorded call that they would be delivering the bookcases today between 1:00 and 5:00. So I’m reassured that at least they will get to me today but I’ll bet you money they don’t come until 5:00pm and I’m up half the night assembling them. My only micro-goal today is to assemble the bookcases; doors and all. That is hardly a micro-goal because it is eight bookcases. They are only the Ikea Billy ones and are super easy to put together but the doors may be trickier. If they are like my kitchen cabinets, they require a little careful carpentry. They are already pretty cheap and it would be so easy to make them cheap looking by hanging doors crookedly.

It would be lovely to take a couple of days off to finish this up and be ready for Saturday but I have some meetings I have to make and some deadlines I can’t miss. Actually, I think it is interesting to see what can be accomplished by someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time for projects around the house. Many of us have so much to do that DIY projects are kind of out of scope. The micro-goal technique actually really works. I stress out a lot less when I know I’m at least hitting those because they will eventually finish up the project. It is much easier for me to focus on those little goals than the whole thing. The whole project just sounds overwhelming. Especially when you are me and inventing a lot of scenarios that haven’t even happened yet.

I forgot to give an update on the greyhound fostering situation. The coordinator came by with a lovely dog. The greyhound was the coordinator’s own dog and not one of the fosters. She was just part of the test to see how Oscar gets along with other dogs. We passed with flying colors, even with the house in a disaster-state. The coordinator is a true dog person and could see the dog blankets were wadded up on the floor because my dogs happily nest with them. She wasn’t worried about all the toys around the room because her dog bounced up to the toy box and checked them out. And the grubby blanket on the couch didn’t faze her because she is used to the muddy paws this time of year. Actually, it was a nice visit and she said to expect a dog soon. So yay! I’ll be a foster-mom to some greyhound baby just off a track (or out of a kennel) and I get to help them adjust to home life. They come to us having no idea what stairs are, how homes and families work, even what mirrors are so it is a lot of fun showing them all this and watching them discover soft beds, toys, treats, and loads of love and cuddles.

This may be just what the doctor ordered.

Three Days to Go…

I’m feeling pretty good about the progress which I hate to say because I think it is probably a false sense of security. The walls that needed paint, have all the paint. Those are the two walls in the living room that the bookcases will go up against. They had to be cleared of the old shelves, patched, and painted so that the new bookcases can be assembled, put up, and affixed to the wall. The other two walls in here are still green but it is kind of hard to tell the difference unless I point it out so I can come back after Saturday and finish. Three out of four walls done in the family room, three out of four walls done in the dining room, and now two out of four walls done in the living room. I’m seeing a pattern.

It was pretty dark this morning when I was leaving for work. Sorry.

The dining room was kind of a bonus but it was also easier to do because it was just easier to access the walls. All of the gray walls are done. I still need to paint the closet and the accent wall as well as the trim. But the obvious stuff is complete and I really like how it looks. It is a very soothing color. I especially like how it looks around the door. I know the walls had gotten kind of mungy and dinged over there but you just don’t realize how much until you slap a new coat of paint on, step back, and go, “Oh!”

I will be over the moon when I get rid of those louvres. Seriously, I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

The micro-goal for today is calking and painting the floor trim. It would be great if I could get a coat on the window trim, but I have a really long day today and a really early meeting tomorrow so I might be forced into being sensible. Bummer.

The next couple of days get nuts. The new bookshelves are delivered Thursday. I’ll need to get them all assembled (All eight of them. With doors.) and up on Thursday. I don’t even know what time they will be delivered so this could get really interesting. The cleaning crew come in Friday afternoon so everything must be picked up and put away. If I manage to do all that right, then I only have to make all of the food Saturday before people start showing up.

This is doable…right? (please say yes)

Four Days to Go…

With a Saturday deadline screaming up on me, I’m “prioritizing” what needs to be done for having a house full of strangers. I’d rather get one or two things done right, so they don’t have to be redone, than get all the things done kinda crappily.

In the spirit of one of my goals this year, I have reached out and accepted offers of help. This time last year I would be working alone, late into the night. I’m trying to figure out the best way to get things done that need to be done without sacrificing my sanity and sleep. I am having someone come in at the last-minute to help clean so this is all a big adjustment in my thinking. (mutters to self, “I can be independent without doing it all. I can be independent without doing it all.”)

Monday’s progress:

Books moved to center of room, shelves pulled off walls and giant holes patched.

Most of the dining room walls have the first coat of paint.

After several test pots of color, I settled on Knitting Needle gray in the dining room and living room. It is the same gray I used in the family room and it is a really good neutral. It changes in the light so that it looks almost blue sometimes, tan other times, and just about every color looks good against it. Even that red wall doesn’t look too bad. The red accent wall will be changed though to a dark blue.

Distance Blue to be exact. Here it is against the Knitting Needle gray. Appreciate the fancy, staged photos displaying my color palette. I’m a different kind of lifestyle expert.

The patched wall in the living room has to have both coats of paint and the trim painted by Thursday when the new bookshelves are delivered and start going up against that wall.

Just to add a little spice to the soup that is my life, I have a home visit today from the greyhound foster coordinator. The local rescue group has had a big batch of dogs come in and are desperate for foster homes. I’m not even sure I’m ready for a new greyhound but it seems more important to step up and help. They need to come by to make sure I can provide a safe environment for a foster greyhound. I’m hoping she can see through all the chaos that the house has become as rooms get shifted for painting. I’m still scurrying around to clean things up a little. No need to share the great drifts of tumblefur that accumulate. I also think it’s probably a good idea to get rid of all the crusties from the counter. No one wants to see those.

It’s a little intimidating to have someone come in and judge whether you can provide a good home for a dog. Even after having greyhounds for 18 years, what if she comes in and rejects me? What if I’ve been doing it wrong all this time? Please pick me!


OK, I’ll try to keep the insecurity in check.

There is so much to do it is positively overwhelming. This would be a challenge for someone who could be home working on it all day but to face it when I’m working long hours in the office? I just set micro-goals. Get the shelves off the wall. Get the bookshelf wall painted. Get the window trim painted. It isn’t the end of the world if someone sees my walls with the old color on it

As for Saturday, I’ll get as much done as I possibly can and then put the rooms back together. I find that having lots of wine and chocolate goes a long way in distracting people so that is the strategy for now. “You don’t see the unpainted trim along the floor…you only see that gorgeous Trifle (aka Dirt Cake in a Trifle dish) on the table…”

Micro-goal for today? Get a coat of paint on the bookshelf wall.

Wish me luck!

Crazy Ideas

The Divine VEB (I’m just giving that to her as a title from now on) has proposed an interesting idea today that has made me rather philosophical. About kitchens. Yes, I’m thinking philosophically about kitchens. It’s possible.

She is frustrated that all kitchens look alike and that they persist in having “boxes.” By boxes she meant cabinets. At first I was confused. What is a kitchen without cabinets? Where do you put your stuff? As I read through the comments, someone mentioned having a large walk-in pantry for dishes and appliances with walls free for pictures or artwork. I was stunned. That sounds fabulous! It also sounds much more usable than all the cabinets hanging on the wall. How big my kitchen would feel without the wall cabinets! Unfortunately, my kitchen space is wee and there is nothing that could ever double for a walk-in pantry so I’m stuck with cabinets here. But it really got me to thinking.

1915 Kitchen

That is an old timey Keurig she holds right there.

In 1915, most kitchens were confined spaces. Why would you want easy access to the kitchen? The servants were working in there. Plus, kitchens made a lot more than food so I imagine there were more smells than just cooking smells you wanted to keep confined. Can you imagine what their reaction would be to a kitchen that was open to the general living area? “The whole house will smell! There will be cooking grease on the surface of your furniture! Who would want to entertain company in their KITCHEN?”

Today it is just as unthinkable to have a kitchen closed off from the rest of the house. We don’t want to be confined to the kitchen while everyone else is having fun. Also, there are no servants, there is just me and I want to watch Doctor Who while I chip spaghetti sauce off the counter. Is that too much to ask? We do have a lot of cabinets but we have a lot more stuff too. We also found out that the furniture isn’t ruined by proximity to the kitchen and mostly the smells are good and we like having them throughout the house. Unless I’m making cauliflower. That stuff never smells right.


Bless this young mom having to keep her kids in that tiny room with her to keep an eye on them and physically manhandling them so they don’t burn themselves on the oven. And she is roasting a chicken! That woman is a freakin’ super hero.

The Divine VEB has made me think that our kitchens are in for another big change. If our kitchens are a part of the rest of the living space, wouldn’t it be nice to have them less obtrusive? They become an elegant corner where you can find food and drink but they don’t loom over the rest of the space like they do now. Now I’m looking at my cabinets and I sneer at them. All my things hanging on my walls. Just hanging there in big boxes. They do hold the wine glasses and Nutella which isn’t too bad. Maybe I won’t yank them down just yet.


What do you think this woman could do with the counter space we insist on having now?

What is the next generation of kitchen though? Will they disappear all together into a single, small opening in the wall? Will we finally get our replicators and won’t have to worry about food preparation?


So Klingons like that chunky Mexican bubble glass too?

I’m OK with that. Clearly, they take care of presentation. But do you program the style of dishes you want? Do you set a table with flair and a theme? What if that Klingon wanted cut crystal glasses? Now that I look at it again, he does look rather disappointed.

The replicator idea also made me start thinking about the dishes. What do they do with the dirty dishes? Do you put them back on the replicator platform? Are they recycled or consumed? Are leftovers a forgotten concept? Now I won’t be able to see Jean-Luc Picard drinking his Earl Grey tea without thinking, “where do the dirty dishes go?”


Now he’s wondering about it too.

Last week I had to get a new power surge strip for my office and found that even those are changing and making more “sense” for what we do today. How many times have I had to crawl around the floor in a skirt or work clothes while I plug things in? The fact that those gray, fabric cube walls all have their outlets around the bottom just shows how easy it is to keep doing things the way they were done before without even questioning whether it might make sense to do it differently today. My new surge protector can sit on top of my desk where it is MUCH easier to use and I can charge my phone and tablet which is handy since these slim laptops have very few USB ports.

There are plugs on all four sides.

They just need to think about how to make it divine looking now and it will be perfect. Can we hide the outlets in a damask design?

This is the kind of dangerous thinking that doesn’t stop. I’ll be wandering around the house thinking of ways we need to be doing things differently. If I can’t have a replicator, I at least want a microwave that cleans itself. Someone make that happen, OK?


1915 Image courtesy of Shorpy Historical Photo Archive.

Collection of kitchen images from this awesome Pinterest board. Look at how many actresses had to pose in their kitchens like they were cooking. “It’s fine that you are a talented actress honey, but can you be a real woman and cook me something?”

Why Do Things the Easy Way?

A long, intense work week. At one point, I noticed skeins of yarn on a table in the room (I’m sure for some exercise) and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I finally resorted to knitting it with two straws I found at the bottom of my purse. It was lovely. At the end of the day I just unraveled it and wound it back onto the skein. It was the act of knitting I needed.

I’m hosting book club in a few weeks so I’m in frantic mode, getting my dining room painted and my living room walls patched and painted so they will be ready for the new bookcases which will arrive about two days before book club. Frantic activity before an arbitrarily adopted deadline. Does this sound familiar? It’s how I roll.

I haven’t really put paint to walls yet unless you count the test patches. At first I thought I had my palette determined but I tested the light color on the walls and I think I’m going to want a darker, neutral shade. Time to go to the paint store and look at samples.

The top left gray is my kitchen/family room. The dark blue on the right will be the accent wall in the dining room. The yellow in between was going to be the primarily color in the dining/living room. It is much less yellow in person. More green/wheat color.


This swatch is closer to the right color only I swear it is lighter in person. This is actually very close to what I want.


So this week I’ll find the exact color of taupey/putty neutral that will make everything look sophisticated, somehow get my window trim painted and swap out the butt-ugly plastic louvres for white, plastic blinds (which will still look yards better than the louvres) without having to hang a sheet over the window like a dorm room and get art work framed without breaking the bank so that the rooms look finished.

That is all.

We all need a nap after hearing that plan.